Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Recently someone was after me because I was late or hadn't added a new post. The thing is I am on the fence about what to do. It isn't too difficult to come up with topic but I do find my time filled up with other work things. Which is good. I am trying to write a book and it takes time also I feel sort of torn about how much Blog time to invest. I am not sure about value or productivity here. Doesn't everything have to be productive? so far or so I have convinced myself I am not in it for something, yet because of that I can easily let a day or two slip by and not write anything.
Listen, it is a honor to write something and have one person respond let along more then that or I get the biggest thrill when someone says I saved their lives and it was because of something written by me. That is priceless. Nothing fills me more with a bigger sense of purpose. I am not a scholar or academic or anything high flown. I am human and sometimes I can turn a sentence or two. My father is after me to write something. Of course that just bugs me to no end...for reasons I will not get into.

Still this is me wobbling around here with this fantastic communication tool, not yet owning it.

Please bear with me...my soul, my experiences are here just itching to be shared and once I can get over my insecurities and neurosis I will appear or present material.

It is me, myself and I, that stand in my way...and I ask for patience please.

This woman is finding her footing.




Charles said...

Well, I think you're a great writer and feel priviledged to read your thoughts. There have been no glitches so far, real professional writing :)

frenchwoman said...

it would be an obviously shame more to read you I would be very sad of course only so of another writings calls you elsewhere he is necessary to go there but please it is necessary to keep a link on this blog with us
please please please

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I'm here, not going away just trying to balancethe time and produce or be productive.


glt said...

I still miss your NOTES on FB...and the big long comment threads, the tussles and cheerfuls, and getting to know people sharing. I guess it's too hard for people to shift to blogs. Your book will be good...