Thursday, November 5, 2009


When we play a tennis match I get pretty pumped up. Yes I do, in fact my biggest thing is calming down so I can be in the moment, so I can play my game. I fight like a warrior and enjoy the contest. It is in our DNA to do battle. I understand the fascination with guns and fighting and martial arts etc. It is a primal urge. I was watching a Vin Diesel film last night the second 'Riddick" I liked the production value, I thought it was high. The elemental character was also beautiful (the idea) the rest of the script seemed sort of far fetched and unfortunately not as organic as I would have liked. It made me appreciate the new Batman movies a lot. It shows how much work goes into making pretty starchy dialogue, moist and real. It wasn't the actors fault as much as the ear of the director. When you have a high effects film with enormous technical issues it is hard to keep track of the sentences being uttered. I know first hand. I am hoping to one day maybe work with Vin on something. I have a film for him that I wrote that I want him to star in. It's a hero's journey only it is a real human being from Earth. It must be a challenge to be a stud in films. I know it is very challenging for woman to be "it" or "the girl". For men the same, stud muffins, beefcakers all that muscle and probably "roid" use. I am not saying Mr. V uses them. Yet I get why some do. It is a LOT of pressure to be cut and enormous.

Subtlety is tougher then it looks, it's subtle.

I love watching movies though, sometimes if the script is really singing and it just works I will not look or watch the movie, instead I will just listen to it.

"Adaptation" the movie is a script I can listen to, it has transcendence.

That's what moves me transcendental dialogue and real emotions and ease, no "acting" or "blacking" or whatever people do out there in Hollywood.

Subtle is good.

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glt said...

Oy?! You sound a little 'Hollywood' yerself. You can take the girl out of Hollywood but you can't...??? Huh ? Huh? Harrrrr! I hate those overproduced shoot'em up action flicks...I like down to earth stuff that tells a difficult and new perspective. I think that scare'em, shock'em effect stuff is for kids to get ready just in case of emergency. It retards adults.