Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Death of a killer

They killed the DC sniper. I wrote about my encounter with them a while ago. I was lucky I didn't stop and talk to him. He wanted me too but he was wearing a flak jacket and way too many bullets and I got that feeling of "danger" from him. They were doing target practice behind my home in Blaine Washington. To come so close to a murdering man who was looking for women to kill that resembled me. I am so lucky and obviously it was not my time, yet. We all have a best before date stamped on our foreheads. We just hope and pray it isn't in a violent or say diseased prone way or painful. We all wish it were to happen during sleep when we are 120 years old. Or at least I do. I want to drift peacefully away or go in mid sentence. The way I can go on(I have so much to say) and on it most probably will be in mid sentence. I watched a clip of his ex-wife whom he dedicated his rampage to. He was killing the world as a symbol of his hatred for her. In a way he succeeded because she will always be thought of as the intended target and her children are now children of a serial killer. Tainted goods. I feel horrible for the victims who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and I pray to never have to deal with that trauma. Still he, the killer was a sick man undiagnosed. I suspect it was schizophrenia, so sad and harsh. I realize I first blogged about the desperate need of our societies world wide to respect psychology as a medical scientific fact and for every culture to provide help for those suffering from mental health issues, to be able to get assistance free of charge.

We are a species under siege. Psychologically under duress and we have not provided a safe haven to heal or an easy place to get help and it is costing us lives.

The massacre at Ft. Hood is another example.

No respect for the importance of mental health awareness and we suffer. Will suffer for a long long time until we admit that there is a need here.
Imagine if the DC killer had been medicated and maybe committed to an institution for the insane? Then maybe those people would be alive today.

Our overwhelmed military needs to help in this. I know that is a tall order instead of accepting theses disturbed people we need to help them. I know I am speaking of a world that doesn't exist. The military is desperate for bodies, sacrificial lambs to dispose of in senseless wars, who am I fooling?

Sad day for the victims; sad day for for everyone touched by mental illness.

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