Thursday, November 12, 2009

When we are sad...

My first cousin Shannon lost her husband, Darryl Rozak. He died yesterday at 5:30 am EST. He had had a massive heart attack and never recovered. He was 45 years old a baby really when you think about when we die. My sweet cousin is in shock and grief, huge unthinkable pain and sadness. I know as a friend and as her cousin there is nothing I can say or do really to ease this pain. We are in it and it Driving home the sky seemed sore, where I live the sunset was astounding it was almost purple yet it was still an orange. I saw it as sore or sad. I didn't know him well but what I did get to meet was bubbly , sweet and so kind. He adored his family was a true salt of the earth man. He worked for the department of transportation, he was loved and admired and happy. So in effect he had a rich love filled life.

I know everyday every minute someone dies somewhere and often it isn't easy or a "nice death". So sad and so sudden...and lets face it we are never truly ready to lose anyone.

In fact it is the family who is left with out "him" in this case, that breaks my heart even more, his children and wife.

If we are lucky and or strong, we will recover, we carry on.

...It's tough to say goodbye.

We can't prepare for's just sad. There are no words to ease this pain....none.

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