Monday, November 23, 2009

Maybe less is more

I was watching a very famous actor on a talk show and I decided he was a lot less sexy when he spoke. I even met this guy once and he seemed okay, sexy in person but watching him speak and feeling his "vibe" I think he is less "that guy" of my fantasy. Ahhhh fantasy we all have them. I was a rabid Jackson 5 fan till I wasn't. I wanted to marry MJ, until the boy thing, so by then I didn't. I had grown up. When I was 9..I was in puppy love with Priscillio Obliglacio (a boy) from the Philippines who was gorgeous and looked exactly like Micheal. Well close enough, his mother wisely kept him away from me. He lived across the street on San Vicente Blvd in the rhythm section of L.A. a cluster of low income apartments that had the most beautiful palm trees that lined the street. If you didn't look too closely it looked almost tropical and higher rent then it actually was. Coming from Detroit we thought we had arrived. It took a couple of years and a few weird experiences to realize we didn't live in anything close to paradise but then again anything was better then a Detroit ghetto. I didn't complain plus I was small and wild and having fun anyway. Kids can adjust to cement playgrounds and lack of toys or diversions. We made up games and played till the sun went down.

Still it is better to be more mysterious.I wish this actor had not gone on television he seemed dumpy and less cool. I wonder if he knows this? I have made the same mistakes gone on television and made an ass of myself. We forget,we lose ourselves. We get depressed and mistakenly go public with it. You who are not famous need to realize how lucky you are it is much easier to lose ones mind in private. We all need to let go once in a while and if you are in the show biz thing the studio forces you to go on shows to promote the films and what if you are having a low day or just not up to it. Well too you go.

I am not sure this actor realizes he is even low or weird. He just isn't as sexy in person.

I hate it when I lose my idols or my fantasies. I cherish my phantom paradise.
I look forward to get aways to the islands of my imagination.

Now I will have to lust after someone else?

What fun...


Cheryl Carlyle said...

Hi Rae,
Mmm, I wonder who this famous actor is.
My dream guy is "Declan Dunn." LOL
Not Adrian Pasdar though he is absolutely gorgeous for sure. But the character of "Declan" and the kind of guy I want to be with in life cause I have same interests. I can't stand his other character "Nathan" on Heroes but we aren't supposed to like him.

But when I was younger, don't laugh, well you can, David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, David Soul, many others over the years. I wonder if we ever mesh a dream guy with a real life one and they become the same. That would be totally AWESOME.

I know you can't say who your fantasy actor guy is but really curious.
Take care and have a great day, love, Cheryl.

Tony Bunn said...

You can lust after me.... haaaa haaa :o)