Wednesday, October 7, 2009

High holidays

Nothing is more exciting to me then fall. I live in an area where the color changes in the foliage make me feel as if I live in an impressionist painting. We can drive along rural roads and be blasted by colors and the shifting light as fall gives way to winter. Winter is my most favorite season for many reason (no bugs) this season allows for inner work because it is so cold and shut down so to speak. Plus the lack of sound. It's my favorite stillness just after a rocking huge snow storm. Last year when we were encased by massive ice storms the inconveniences were out weighed by the gorgeous almost sugar like coatings. Sure many beautiful trees died but in that there is renewal. Oh I wax poetic about the season and I do...It is awesome to have mother nature usher in our mood/s. This is when we celebrate each other and give thanksgiving. When we get to wear loads of makeup and outrageous costumes and for a night howl legally at the moon. It is the time of year where I like to clean house both outer and inner. Audit myself, start new programs , shake off the malaise of hot weather. This wasn't the summer we expected a bit wet and cold and buggy. Still it beats forest fires in smoggy and now extra smoky L.A. with her triple digit unmerciful heat. We in New England are blessed with an abundance atmospherically. I am certain some who are native can't appreciate it. Take it from a transplant we live in Paradise and there isn't a palm tree in sight!

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