Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Oh yes we can be better in every way. I guess in some ways being a loud squeaky wheel has it's moments but then immediately I thought of Byron Katie and she would say so much and yet so little. Mainly she would be pleased to being spared. NOt getting a show a part a lover a gig a job. We have been spared opened up allowed to do something else. My not working or getting "a Show" allows me to expand into this the viral world or better to grow intellectually and emotionally as an individual. Years ago at a Hollywood party a famous writer said I should write. It was a warning...I have never been one to listen to those people who tell me "it can't be done" but I do appreciate the realities of "what is reality" We are here and this is it...and it too will change, morph and differ...so relax and sparkle and just sharpen up and get better and better at what I love to do.

I love YOU, it keeps me alive and growing and going...just this.

In relationship; in community always.

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Bill E said...

A nice attitude for the latitudes