Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Questing for Godliness; an inside job.

When the news broke about the spiritual retreat gone haywire where people died in a sweat lodge ceremony my heart went out to everyone who suffered and to the leaders and to the human potential movement which will suffer a huge set back with this bit of drama. People died during what has been in my life a magnificent experience, a cleansing one. Although it can be pretty hot and brutal try having fake nails on in a sweat lodge "ouch" not a good idea... We as individuals have to take responsibility for our own individual spiritual paths even if Buddha himself is your guide, we must take the bull by the horns of our own journey and decide what is best for us. This is my problem with guru's of any stripe. They leave us powerless. No matter how much you want to give credit to something outside of us....be it Jesus or what have you it takes away a vital force. YOUR personal force or responsibility and power. I say be cautious in who you give your power to. Most people are not deserving. The kernel under all this giving up of common sense is desire for that magical thing called enlightenment. That desire to be "pure" what ever that means...the desire to rid one of either uncleanliness or guilt or wealth and good fortune. There are people who are guilty and feel undeserving of their wealth or trust funds and therefore are spending their lives trying to rid themselves of it. There are plenty of carpet bagging phonies who will gladly step in as GURU and take your money or what is your best, self empowerment. It's true "water seeks it's own level". We attract the quality of what is active inside ourselves. So if you are surrounded by charlatans somewhere inside you is the same vibration, Charlatan.

So as sad as I am for the deceased and the horrible state of things that night, I think these people gave this guy way too much power.

There isn't a human being on planet Earth that can bestow consciousness, enlightenment on us...It's an inside job.

Kill the Buddha it just might save your life!

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theo j. said...

I'm SO right with you on this one---my Wiccan-clergy buddies and I spend a lot of time helping nice but credulous people avoid scam artists and predators, and pointing out how hustlers embed their sales-pitches within some New Age-y riff. It gets back to an inability to separate spirituality from superstition, in WAY too many peoples' minds. Mainline church teachings don't appear to help.