Sunday, October 4, 2009


It seems that there is a slight disconnect when it comes to what is acceptable behavior. I am not just talking about the crazy anti Obama people who are spreading horrible lies about our beloved President. Lies which could get him hurt by some loony. I am talking about celebrity amnesia. I watched Mackenzie Phillips joking with Larry King yesterday which gave me the willies. I am not sure if she is telling the truth. I did personally watch her father steal money from her purse when he came into our room as we were sleeping.By the way we had seperate beds. I woke up and watched him take the cash. He was no doubt majorly creepy. I just don't know if she is telling the truth, there is a patina of creepiness in her behavior. I also witnessed first hand the loosey goosey sexuality of the seventies and can see why with the lack of morals of that time, people are not so upset about sodomizing a child. I do not agree with it and it pains me that no one has mentioned the child's mother in this. I mean parents pimp their babies out to Hollywood heavies everyday to get their children a career break. It's sad and sick! I don't think many in Hollywood agree with Polanski or his actions but there are details about his trial that are also a mess and complex. Still rape is rape, no matter how much time may give the impression of diluting it's seriousness. It's as heinous as murder. This playing the incest for book profit card, all of it creepy. The lies to incite racial violence. Violence against children, each other...what is going on?

I listened as someone asked a good question "why can't Iran have nukes"? In other words a lot of countries do. Isn't that racist or are some countries allowed because they agree with the west while others are not because they don't?

Isn't that underneath some of the hatred against America? Our self elected World policing policy?

There is a lack of self awareness here and it's frightening. You can't joke with Larry King as you are telling the World you had consensual sex with your Father.

You can't diminish sex with children because it happened thirty years ago.

You can't incite violence because you are afraid of Black people.

It's all indecent.

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