Wednesday, October 21, 2009


40 years is a long time to have a dictator. Listening to the experts as they discussed Franco and his hold on Spain impressed me. It helped me to understand the Spanish mind set better, they are proud and hard working people, very deep, rightfully so for having survived that horrible time. They have discovered the Poet Lorca's grave or so they think. Imagine being shot and killed for being an artist, a poet? It boggles my mind but then again anything is possible. We are in the midst of a correction of awareness in America. Where the unthinkable is thinkable. I am pleased that Rush was cock blocked when he tried to own a professional sports team although it would have been humorous to see him try and field the team with everyone but African Americans. I am certain it is a blessed period as well in spite of the hardships we are in/facing. This economy is forcing new modalities of living, the global climate crisis and energy reset. All of it is coming at us fast from all sides. Call it CHANGE.
Are we frightened yet, or excited? When I think about the micro needs of my life I notice my values have shifted. I think about how my wants or needs will impact my environment, not just my immediate family but my friends, and my community at home and globally. I am prepared to be responsible for all of my trash for instance. I want "in home" recycling done. If you buy it, you are responsible for it till you die. Boy would that change how we shop. I am for the greater good. Socratic thinking aside, I am for the larger picture since we are interconnected, everything. When I was working near the Amazon we had with us a naturalist, a botanist from Finland who informed me that in the jungle there is a cure for everything. That when nature is in balance she doesn't have a "problem" with mosquito's or pests. Because everything has something that keeps it's population in balance.

We have something or things that will and are keeping us in balance and this is good.

Call it disease or natural disasters or self inflicted wounds...something will create a correction.

So to really enjoy life we need to live in the moment/s.

It's time to include think about each other too.

Here, and NOW.

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Ryanaldo said...

during the Cold War era a dictator could get away with anything and get U.S. Support. So long as they weren't communists. This includes Spain and many Latin American countries and the Shah of Iran.

Forebodingly, the Chilean overthrow of democracy happened on September 11th. One of the casualties was Victor Jara, who may as well be Jesus Christ for the Americas.

No nation was more Socialist than the United States from 1785 and through the 1800s. It was all about redistributing land. immigrants from Europe wrote back about how cheap land was. how much more meat or booze they could eat. How they didn't get dicked around by the professional guilds so much before they were credentialed enough to do their own work. In Deeds and Circumstances, - if not words - no country was more socialist than the United States in the 1800s.

The Immigrants wrote back to Europe. The Europeans wanted to be like America. But the nobility and old money families already owned most everything. so they had to develop fancier sets of words.