Monday, October 5, 2009


Driving home from a family dinner exhausted (we had been up all night the night before) we had to attend a family dinner that day. We were desperately sleep deprived and cranky. My then Husband C-Thomas and I were arguing, I mean viciously. We were never meant to be a couple but we didn't have the smarts to know as much yet. It was after dinner around 8:00 as we were driving one of the smaller back of the Valley hwys coming into Santa Clarita. I could see Magic Mtn amusement park. To escape from whatever we were fighting about I was staring out the car window out toward the park and noticed a set of lights bobbing in the sky just over the big roller coaster. Now I am exhausted and more so because of the bickering but I swear I heard a voice or I sensed something say to me to keep looking at the lights. It almost said this but didn't quite say it, but I knew to "look left". At one point I said to Tommy did you hear that? He didn't hear anything. The lights were bobbing over the park and it seemed as if they wanted my attention. I had to keep watching them. It looked as if they were helicopters. Which struck me as odd since why were there two and what were they doing hovering over the park? We kept at each other as we got closer to our turn off which was a canyon rd. As we turned onto the now pitch dark road the moon wasn't visible, I heard that voice say to me "we are here". I said to Tommy again "did you hear THAT". He was getting annoyed and he said "What?".
I said "pull over, stop the truck and look over there" he did what I said. We pulled over and we both stared at nothing until two crafts slowly hovered over the small rise or mound of hill then floated or flew over the truck and stopped immediately above us, soundlessly. It was humming deep and sonorous but barely audible more vibrating. We were both shocked and scared and freaked out and wondering if this was a hallucination. Exactly like the movie "close encounters" except they didn't stay and they didn't make the truck do weird stuff and it was quiet except for light we could see a glow. Tommy opened his door and the lights came on inside the truck, which almost seemed like it made the two crafts shoot up into the sky.
Instantly they were gone. It was awesome. Earlier that week someone we knew saw weird lights in the Santa Monica bay and we were all very UFO centric thinking about them and wanting to see them and here they were so close. So we drove home and as we reached our street I could see further down the canyon other cars had stopped they had seen what we saw. I jumped out of the truck and looked at the sky...I felt like this was only the beginning. I even called my sister in Hollywood and told her to get her ass out here. That there were UFOs. Tommy parked our truck on a rise in front of our ranch and he started to flick the lights. I asked him what he was doing . He said he wanted to go with them. I didn't, I had a five year old and he was at a friends house and I couldn't leave him. I didn't have a problem with C. T. going, have at it I told him, not me. I went into the house and told our family Tommy's Mom and Dad who were reluctant to come out side, I begged them to watch the skies with us. Just as I was about to give up...they arrived. There were loads of them. You could look at the dark sky and then suddenly a strip of lights went on and then the craft would swoosh soundlessly over our heads. At one point we were all huddled in the drive way when one of the smalled crafts released two orbs. They sort of fell a bit which made us scatter then they hovered in position. Markers, as if they were traffic markers. Then from that point forward all sorts of craft would fly in formation using the two markers. At one point a big cigar shaped vessel stopped over our neighbors house, hovered you could see shapes in the port hole shaped windows. It was surreal it didn't move while craft were flying through the markers over out ranch. We had to get warmer clothing on it was December we had been watching this for a couple of hours and at one point we even took a shower because it was a long show and we were filthy. As we were showering we felt vibrations that shook the whole house. We missed the MOTHERSHIP. Meanwhile his mom and Dad gave up bored they said the wanted to go back inside to watch the Jeffersons. His dad Chris says that whatever this was wasn't our business and it was probably air force maneuvers. Yeah, right! My sister and her then Bf made it out and watched with us. It was amazing we were in down parka's with lawn chairs watching till the wee hours of the night. Then we got tired and the flight show dwindled down. My sister said they were followed home by a small ship that disappeared around Busch Gardens only it went down not the sky. The next day we called newspapers, the Military, everywhere. No one reported anything and the Air force said nothing. There was no way they didn't have huge activity on Radar that night. We couldn't stop staring at the sky for years after that. I haven't seen anything like that since. I must say it was so amazing and clear and impressive and happened and it lasted all night long. One thing I felt which may or may not be true. The craft seemed busy like they were doing some sort of research and it didn't have anything to do with us personally. We just happened to have property where they set up their markers or flight path. It would be extra special to say they were on to us.It wasn't like that. Oh and the voices or the sensing I "heard" it wasn't personal either. I felt like the voice or the warning was general. In fact I was a bit sad that we were not singled out, then again I wouldn't have gone had I had a choice. I don't like going places I can't find my way back home from. Call me Mongolian but Like Genghis Khan I can't travel unless I know I can hump back home safely.

That was my UFO story...I dedicate this to James Fox and his quest to get the US military to release any and all data concerning UFOs.

It is time.


glt said...

WOW!!! I have to believe you, Rd. But I've never heard anything like this before. Such undeniable evidence. Can I repost this on FB? Why don't you do so?!

glt said...

Hey! Today's my 65th birthday!

glt said...

An old friend swears he saw some little men meandering around a small saucer that was parked in a secluded little league diamond...this was in the late '50s when UFOs were really hot topic sitings. He clains he and a friend hid and watched them til they boarded and took off. He's not the fantasy type...down to earth stickler virgo!!! I believe him.

Tony Bunn said...

Perhaps, this might be the point at which one should exclaim "if only you knew..."!

Oftentimes, I think we sell short the various hidden technologies that are the products of our human culture. Methinks we're far more interesting than that for which we take credit.

With direct respect to such visitations, imagine what types of research are taking place over the vastness that is the Earth's oceans. Also, it's not hard to conceive of the show that you witnessed being one that was invisibile to tracking technologies, which rely upon the assumptions of terrestrial physics and materials.

glt said...

TB!? ..."invisible to tracking technologies." YOU WISH!!! Har har har!!! You emanate too much heat!

Shifting threads in a string of rope, your second paragraph on belittling ourselves is perfect.
We should be communicating telepathically with all lifeforms.
But instead we opted for Big Macs and Big Cars!!! Yikes!!!!!!

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Hey GLT, Thanks for the love...busy day so couldn't respond.