Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The trouble with faith

It is essential to have solace and find comfort and security in our personal beliefs. I just wish when we did find "truths" that made us comfortable and allowed a sense of balance that we didn't feel the need to spread the good word indiscriminately or maybe what I mean is, I wish we could be MORE discriminating when it came to believing what "others" say. I know when the money is short and the news is bad and our jobs are lost and health issues are up, we get frightened in that trapped animal way, this can be difficult. Almost impossible to disengage from as we assess what is a most beneficial way to move forward. It is difficult and scary, yet in our most fragile scared and desperate place we must maintain a vigilance and be very careful who we throw our lot in, with. Who we believe, what we are believing, and why. Be careful of what you sign up for. There are many(enough) wealthy men in America who have a very thinly veiled (Christian) ministry which is financed and promoted under "Family Christian values" and yet they are as bigoted and maniacal, as sinister as say "Stalin or Hitler". Blackwater and it's founders run several Christian organizations where many thousands of so called evangelicals take refuge and under all of the goodness is a scary sinister and I feel extreme racist agenda. The idea of America becoming a Blackwater run police state isn't as science fiction crazy as I once thought it. I was listening to NPR and an author by the name of Max Blumenthal has written a book about the Evangelical millionaire who runs a Christian family values ministry who bullies Washington politicians into his agenda whose Son owns and operates Blackwater. If this partnership isn't a scary red flag I don't know what is? Imagine it's racial or religious opposite? They would all be hauled off to Guantanamo as terrorists. But because they are not ethnic but white millionaires no one is really paying much attention certainly not the press, or not enough! I think the weakness of the intelligentsia is hubris and smugness and confidence. It is in not seeing the impossible as possible. There is a movement happening here in this country and it is domestic and it is as dangerous to our civil liberties as anything any red based political agenda ever was and that is unbridled Evangelical religious zealotry. We are under attack here at home and we need to be diligent when we choose a pastor or belief system to do our homework and really investigate what our place of worship is really about. Most people are good and honest and scared and simple. So easy targets. Nothing is more attractive then power and money coated with a serving of Jesus. The truth is...most of these men did not make their money from religion. They either inherited it or where successful men who converted after the fact. So the lie that finding religion will make you rich is just that a lie. Have faith for sure...take solace in what ever gives you the ability to sleep but know that there is a huge movement in this country that wants to take over our day to day living and demand that we follow their personal beliefs. I know that Homosexuality and the creation theory and abortion are hot button subjects but unless you understand and have experienced these things who are we to judge? Who are they to tell us it is wrong because they have interpreted some doctrine that was piece mealed assembled over 2000's plain stupid.

Be wary of these so called harmless groups. From this angle there is nothing harmless about America becoming an evangelical based country.

Hell on earth with a bunch of bad picnic food!


frenchwoman said...

I read your text it is touching and very just

it is true we are only of the poor mortals, therefore easy preys to be misled….

then the faith… it is there of course but it of all saves us?

I have the faith I believe, I want to believe in it
my life is not a life in conformity with the eyes of all… but a thing is on it is that in my policy it there with honesty, the love of the others but also the love to make the good around me

but that is not always enough… and the faith is sometimes lacking to me

sometimes certain of your texts bring to a reflection which derives a little from the contents

I am mislaid

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I believe in spirituality as a personal journey one that allows everyone choice.

Period, simple.

Including evangelicals, not Blackwater because they get paid to kill and police and that scares me.

theo j. said...

One huge difficulty for people approaching faith-based issues is a lack of technical understanding concerning religion, how it works best, when and where it can help, and how it goes(or gets taken)astray. Few people seem able to discern the differences between spirituality and superstition, which leaves a LOTTA room for hustlers. My Wiccan-clergy buddies face this constantly.

Dwacon® said...
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Dwacon® said...

(Corrected typo, sorry)

People fail to recognize the difference between true Christianity and this political monstrosity that has formed in America.

Feeding the hungry... clothing the naked... giving shelter to the homeless... THAT is what Jesus did and taught.

My book Please Don’t Feed the Atheists touches on this to some degree.

I don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I don't think it is a coincidence that American educational levels have fallen since taking the Bible out of schools. There is some value that has become lost in the cloud of doctrine.

I see some of those emails from people like the Tea Baggers -- those who believe Obama is the antichrist -- etcetera. I don't get them but friends of mine seem to have gotten on those mail lists that are nauseating and have cried to me about those mails.

Apples vs Oranges?