Monday, October 12, 2009

The Decider

Listening to the round table this weekend on George Stephanopoulis I was heartened. It seems that no matter what, our president would be criticized because the job of governance is enormous, nearly impossible to imagine doing. Yet say John McCain Sarah Palin had won and were the "Deciders" we would be in a much more tenuous place since it is a task much bigger then say ONE man or woman to do.I shudder to think would Sarah quit when the going got tough? Would John hide or ditch out of Air force one when the going got scary? Our president has it rough and yes it was good he won an award and a none too shabby one at that.There has to be some perks to doing this huge task. I think there is very little good going on in the White house. It seems that the decisions he has to make are beyond difficult with no clear way to go. If the decisions around Health care, (really single pay is not going to happen ) or the two wars (we can't pull out of both Afghanistan and Iraq) were all he had to think about I would be impressed but they are just two in a long list of issues. We have not had proper government for over 8 years. There are laws that were adjusted or changed that need to be reestablished not to mention the much needed over haul of campaign financing, such importance. I am keen to see how he handles everything and excited about it. Go ahead put him down, criticize the man and his administration but personally I thank the goddess for it being these folks in charge. Our president is an intelligent man who is famous for being a good listener. God forbid it could have been a man who ditched out of 5 fighter jets and was taken hostage and an ex-governor who charged rape victims for their rape kits, then quit mide term because she was tired. Not a good sign. There is no comparison between them and President Obama. We are a lucky country and shall remain so. Now if we can only discover why the banks got bailed out and yet continue to abuse us the customer.

What the hell?

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theo j. said...

I'm right w/ you on pretty much all points, especially concerning America's narrow escape from a McCain/Palin administration. THAT gave me nightmares all through the campaign. Nonsensical musings from Fox News to the contrary, this country lucked out big-time last November. What we might try now is staying off the Chief Executive's back, at least occasionally. Yes?