Monday, March 15, 2010


How about the senator from Wisconsin making waves by stating the obvious in his report that Medicare will be bankrupt in 7 years at the current rate. How about the Republicans wanting to lower taxes as a way to raise revenue still? How about big Insurance claiming that the USA will be a socialist state if government regulates our health care. Lets face it this is the USA and no one tells a wealthy American what to do, no one. So if there is a procedure needed that the new health policies don't cover they will get what is needed. It's obvious that we don't understand the new proposals and we are loath to inquire and find out what is being presented. Personally I want the exact medical coverage that the government gives it's politicians for every American; simple. I want regulations to rein in the financial world and the banks and the big insurance. I want a ban on corporations financing lobbyists and politicians. I want we the people to mean something. I am not a socialist. I am not against profit. I do feel we are in a grievous place as far as how we manage our legal system and due process,and the current state of Government. I am concerned we have lost the thread, dropped the ball for profit at the expense of the many. We are a great country and could be true world leaders when it came to alternative solutions. We have so much potential and I do believe we should beat the Chinese as far as green house gas emissions. We should at least be as green as the near future in China...for Gods sake?

Who wants to stay in the red?

Not me...I want the new America with humane care for all it's citizens and smart government not emotional lazy fear mongering.

Come on people this is for YOU.

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AloofObserver said...

I'm on board with you, Rae. I just wish I could articulate it as well as you.