Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love YOU!

There is so much to love about human kind. I can list them and I can revel in your glow. I was watching Bill Maher yesterday do stand up and I noticed a few things. He has feminine gestures his wrists bend and he almost looks like a a women when making a point. I noticed this with George Clooney as well. It's as if these bimbo dating macho men with nice packages have a feminine aspect that leaks out when they speak or make a point. It's fascinating. When I listen to other "men" I notice their body english is clearer and they are decidedly gender specific. Not these two, by the way I adore Bill M. George and I have a history so I can't say I adore him. I respect him and think his movies are divine. Bill is a wonder I think his show is a gift and although I deeply disagree with his religion about women being all hoes, which I know he prefers them to other types of women but just because you have a preference doesn't mean everyone is that same type. I know many of both and thankfully the world is well balanced with both type of women. Amazingly women who are hot and not trying to hook up with a rich dude are hardly ever celebrated. I find that sad...but I digress from my point. We do the best we can...and when we do the best we can we don't always succeed but I think it important to try. I think it important to go for everything one way or another and fail but die trying.

So watching Bill Maher I was fascinated by how he can't and how we cannot hide our wounds. It leaks out. His obvious fear of women and their power, anger leaks out of him, its pure rage thinly veiled at the Female species. I say Female because someone long ago crushed him badly made him feel ashamed and he has been on a mission to kill ever since. I can't tell when she did it but I gather it was when he was lowest. Too bad because he is almost too perfect except for his misogyny. I love his panels and I like his erudition. I believe he cares about America and I agree with almost everything he says except for this little niggling issue. Sometimes he offends me when he takes a too close cut at the African American community and people just because you sleep with African Americans doesn't mean you are one or are in "The club". It's membership by injection; My Father often makes racist statements and he shouldn't, its bigotry, no matter who you are and what your preferred sexual preference.

So if anything is bothering you or you are hiding something and you don't want to face it; it's out there, it is leaking out all over the place. You are giving out hints to everyone. Nothing is hidden...nothing EVER.
We are transparent beings and this makes me LOVE us.

So there I said it...I love YOU!


Cheryl Carlyle said...

That's very lovely Rae, one of my fave posts of yours. Really like it. Maybe Bill has been hurt too much in the past? I have a male friend like that who now unfortunately treats all women as if they are hoes and I was one of them though I loved him anyways and through it all. I think Men say and believe stuff about women when they are hurt. Feel it's a form of punishment to women though it's unfair. Hopefully his opinion will change when he comes across a lovely woman who will treat him good. Oh but he should see that in you.
I remember a younger George Clooney, saw him in the Facts of Life reruns and the Golden Girls, also Roseanne, oh wow, guess I watch too much tv.
Hope you are doing well, Rae. Take care. I have no respect for your father anymore. I'm sorry I can't.

NC17 said...

Everyone should read this post, very inspiring

Dwane T. said...

People ask why I'm such a fan of yours. All I can tell them is, she is an amazingly insightful and powerfully spiritual woman. This piece was a perfect example. I have a similar level of respect for Maher as you have, but I also don't like his "over-familiarity permits triviality" dismissal of various African American perspectives. As far as how he talks about women, I hate it. Knowing of one woman that hurt him, everyone but him knew it was a train wreck waiting to happen. He is his own self-fulfilling prophesy when it comes to women, and it really hurts his credibility in other areas where his insights are dead on point.

Also, as a man who had to lose some feminine mannerisms as I entered adulthood, I think there is a deeper issue than just mannerisms. Like a speech impediment, when someone points out an aspect of your personal presentation that distracts from the rest, you work on it. He wears his proudly... maybe defiantly. Again, probably part of the same "deeper issue" as his issue with women

Well, at least some with a different perspective on the world than I have sees what I see. Thank you so much for sharing.