Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grey Goose

This morning I took my grey head and dyed it dark brown again. I watched a taped audition I had to produce and it was exhausting just looking at my grey hair I looked tired. So I gave up trying to go all grey and dyed my mane again. I feel mixed about it but as I age I don't want to look older then I need to. I have been working a bit of a flu virus and feeling slightly off and well...its rough to feel rough with really grey roots. So I sit here and I look in the mirror and I look younger with a grey less head of hair. I do judge people who get the shots of botox and who get face lifts and I judge them as pathetic and lame and shallow but recently I have been photographed and I look old (in my book) and I am not happy about it. Not sure I will take a knife to my face ....but I might nip down to Brazil and visit the doctor. They have the best doctors for sure there. They invented plastic surgery not L.A. and they have taste they do just enough. So I am weak...I don't want to be grey yet...that's enough.

Chubby my friend who is a hairdresser will be happy and as I look in the mirror so will I.

I will have plenty of time to be grey so why rush it!


sirpoins said...

you're so pretty though!!! no need for a knife!

AloofObserver said...

Not that it matters, but I think you would look beautiful without any hair at all, let alone grey.