Friday, March 12, 2010


Recently there was a movie about the invention of lying. It was a flawed piece but it touched on something very important. What if we were honest. What if we didn't pad the truth...if we exposed ourselves to the facts. We know when we do stuff that is sub par or shaggy (I do) and still I will let it go...telling myself a lie to cover up my lazy ness. UGH then wonder why I will wash up to the shore of my life exhausted and spiritually spent and sad. Life doesn't like it when we BS ourselves. What if we trusted being authentic instead of always being "on" and "together and perfect" (in our minds ) if we could limp to the start gate and say "ouch" life is hurting me. I have lost the grip...I wanna let go and not feel bad about it? Some days are like that ...this week was low for me for various reasons I just feel dumpy.
I may be dumpy but is it okay? Can I be a lump of sad?

Not sure we are I write this I feel better,less sad.

Go figure.

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sirpoins said...

Trust me...people don't want to hear the truth. That's the real problem. I'm constantly called too honest...not that I'm honest all the time..but more than normal...and people do not like all..