Monday, March 22, 2010

The new deal

With pressure on all sides at the moment for everyone I find it fascinating what comes up. Does it make you sad the blatant racism Obama has leveled at him? I get a bit sad about it since its obvious its systemic and anything that entrenched is here to stay. It is delightful that it passed health care yet there is this sense of lack of appreciation across the board. I am not saying we should be smug but doesn't everyone understand something had to give and by the way this isn't the most radical choice anyway? Is it that hard to understand that we are always told half truths on both sides and that THEY don't care about US. Meaning big business? It's not a society based on integrity and all for one and the higher good. It's a dog eat dog world.Its all for capitalism. I would listen to the extreme right pundits if they all would watch the last two Micheal Moore movies. I would...and I think every fundamentalist should read Chris Hitchens book about God. Its important to understand each other. I also think everyone who is bigoted against bigots should take a good look. The world is large enough for both. Yet its still bigotry to be bigoted against bigots...get it?

Finally I am happy Nancy Pelosi and company got something done. I am grateful for the whole shebang.

Looking forward to more advancement in taking care of America and I can almost endure, I say almost the lies and thinly veiled racism if it means no matter what we get stuff done that matters.

We can't win them all (battles) but we can win some of them...and that feels right.

We all should care.


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Dwane T. said...

"It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important." - Rev. Dr. M.L.K., Jr.

The blatant racism makes me sad for the people who experience it directly. Like OBama, I see it as part of the system that must be navigated on the way to where we're going. I think it's sad that it doesn't make me sad anymore... but that is how I've adjusted my mind to deal and keep moving forward. MLK wanted us to get our rights, and get fair treatment under the law. He had a dream of a colorblind world, but he never blinded himself to the reality that he would never live in it. He accepted haters, hate and all. I don't hate bigots, I feel sorry for them... at times I fear them... but mainly I just keep moving and don't allow myself to stop and fight someone whose goal is to stop me. If I do, even if I beat them they win, because they achieve their goal of stopping me. Obama did it how it had to be done. And I'm proud of him.

glt said...

Maher nailed them good last night and did a great job of rousing up this old liberal progressive. We have to fight bullies once in a while and give them a taste of there own medicine. They sure don't like it and usually learn to shut there stupid traps!