Thursday, March 18, 2010


Somehow impossible things get accomplished. Like producing a show, getting a show on the air right now that seems immensely difficult. Yet, I do believe there has to be a little celestial help in the mix for those taht have succeeded. Because on the ground proof of how its done is dim or non existent. People get canceled, rejected by network even if everything is done right. I hear horror stories of productions that are tip top being trashed, pulled off the air. I wonder for instance why one group of creative people have better luck then another although both products produced are similar and hard to differentiate. Why does one show get on the air when another one that isn't any worse get rejected or suddenly yanked off the schedule after only one showing?

Okay? I do believe part of the equation is the people factor. Certain people illicit or manifest issues or resistance. Others it's the celestial factor or the "Angelic" code something magically ushers everything into the right space and the project and it's creators are guided to success.

Mind you, this isn't saying that only shows that are on a network and supported are a success. I know that failure teaches better then anything and we should embrace them/failures when they come. Failure, is lemonade if we are smart.

I like the concept of celestial support though and I am keen to be drenched in it...



Tony Bunn said...

Your statement about the "celestial assistance" factor to success also suggests a sort of fate, in which I believe, to a large extent. I think it's very true that nothing happens before "its time". Perhaps we each might benefit from celestial assistance, if we just knew how to perfect "being in the right place, at the right time".


Dwacon® said...

Yeah, my relationship with the One who made and occupies that celestial realm has made a lot of great things happen for me.