Thursday, March 11, 2010

Minority Report

At the risk of sounding whiny and frustrated and bitter I find it fascinating that women in power positions in Hollywood or even ethnic men and women in powerful positions in Hollywood have a tendency to act in their roles more as a job preserver (theirs)then say a renegade change the system hire more like them crusader. Immediately upon being hired across the board through out history they maintain the status quo and in some cases recently are worse at being like one of the "guys". I get it since it is a dog eat dog society Hollywood and decisions are made for the bottom line and females executives and ethnic executives don't want to make mistakes feeling already vulnerable and they don't want to seem weak. Yet ironically it's weak to just maintain or just preserve their personal other words it serves Hollywood in the LONG run to be innovative not safe and yet it's always safe and less innovative. It is supposed to be the land of dreams and make believe and yet not so much lately. I hail the whole media world for celebrating a fine film like Hurt Locker and I respect Kathryn Bigelows composure her unwillingness to accept the media bait. She isn't the spokesperson for feminism and guess what? Why should she be? No, there is hardly an upside to being poster feminist uber director. You are used and abused and you come off angry and everyone who uses you discards you and after your heat wears off joins the ranks in calling you bitter. I say smart cookie KB keep your yap shut and work. Head down churn out remarkable lovely good movies we need them please...make fabulous content and let that speak for itself.

Its a trap being the spokes person for anything especially racial or sexual or what have you. I say curses to the men and women in Hollywood that sit on their hands and do nothing to change a dying system. I say you deserve the boot a big fat boot and you are getting it....the juice that was, the muse that is everything creative has flown the proverbial coop. The product coming out of the old Hollywood system is soulless, expensive and lame. Everything has changed and the Internet has ushered it in beautifully.

Personally I am happy that the distribution void the sleazy dark whole that was expenses has been lit up and transformed. It is no longer easy for the big studios to get away with padding budgets and keeping creatives profit away from them.

Okay,I jump ahead it is starting to transform.

Evolution...thank goodness for it.

We all benefit in the long run even as we fight it happening. Now if only we could
change the law and make it illegal to alter a screen or playwrights work in France I am all for writers having more power.

Finally more racial diversity in Hollywood!

... why not?


Bobby said...

I dont find any difference between anyone Women or Ethnic in Hollywood Vs. The Good Ole Boys.It's the same BS because of Agents Managers Publicists and Lawyers. Not because they are a woman or ethinic person trying to stay afloat. Everything just isnt about Feminism unless you make it that way. I know many women in Hollywood that have absolute power such as Penny Marshall or The Olsen Twins, Im prety sure Roseanne. Oprah seems to have huge power. I have mentioned that Hollywood itself is just a big abusive arena. Not just to Women or Ethinics. BTW I found many female foreigners working stunts on some sets. Im a terrible typer and I think a billion miles an hour, but Im HUGE when it comes to making people laugh. Im putting together,a big project on my own because of all the selfish greedy people. Many women leading my way! WHY? Because Im going to build a Battered Women's Shelter. I have a woman whom helped write American Graffitti and Star Wars. One whom produced the Dark Crystal. I will ask Deborah Moor(formerly) the Executive Producer for New Line Cinema. POSSIBLE EXEC (Future talks).Bev Lewis. Placer County Film Commisioner. I dont hire people based on their bra size I hire people based on their abilities These women have shown me that they are extremely great at their jobs. Many are agreeing and the project is now growing. We share lunch and ideas. Even on a personal level I meet and say Hows your life today? yesterday I brang one of them a HUGE basket because I told her She could NO longer be my friend Unconditionally. I told her I thought she was burning her candle at both ends. I was worried about her and I was going to control manipulate and force her to do what I wanted. She laughed gave me a HUGE Hug and said Bobby I love you. I brought her a day to yourself basket with Wine and cheese and nuts scented candles ect ect and a big fat joint I said Now this weekend stay off your computer take a nice bubble bath and Ill see you soon after you had a chance to enjoy one minutes life. The point is, It's only a problem between men and women, When someone makes it that way. I try to be fair to mankind, Not just man. Frankly there are alot of men, I wouldn't give the time of day to because their just big horses asses. But I have always OFFERED people a chance to have fun with me and creat a project as opposed to BIG MONIES BIG EGOS AND BIG REPSRESNTITIVES that would interupt a chance for us to Entertain the world because of GREED. If I build it WILL THEY COME. Come one come all Come women Show me what you have and I will give you as much chance as anyone else to strutt your styles. There is NO Discrimination here. We want to have Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller work o the Shelter itself Learn to be friends and see what it is like to sit with me and have someone murdered your mother in cold blood and then have a system screw you on the jutice. You dont just kill a person You kill their famliy too. I have tried all my life to make people laugh even living through the horror of my own fears and issues But I never once in my life EVER thought a woman wasnt just as capible of doing a job as anyone else. My family is Italian and we try to embrace life and its individuals Not show what we have. Its more fun to make people laugh than it is to see them cry. This is why I came to you in the beginning and I received your answer. I also said I wouldnt ask again. I saw it as a refusal. I beleive in you because I have seen you work. Nothing more Nothing less! Im a fair honest man as I have shown your entire family when they too were abused by the system.

glt said...

I thought the Olsen Twins stunk in "Hurt Locker"!!!