Monday, March 29, 2010


Everywhere I look I can bump up against my self and my needs and my dreams wishes and desires for everything I want to happen now. I have a friend who has a nursery business, she sells flowers and trees and I can't imagine being impatient about a plant, being in a rush for it to grow? So she has chosen a life style that enforces calm and patience. Growing things demands it. I know for myself my "rush" in my life is so I will not feel my story, my emotional pain or my disappointments. Yet I am very blessed,I never get what I want,when I want it, never.

Which is a sign of good luck. I always get what I need. When I am clever I can align myself to what is best for me and it graciously comes,follows as if on cue. In tennis we get a lot of time to hit a shot. Oh sure in real time it's split seconds but in tennis time when we are focused where we should be focused I notice time expands and things get clear and THE ZONE that magical place becomes and we see the ball and we can hear it tell us what to do, if we are lucky we listen and Voila" a fantastic shot happens. Before we know it,the game is over and we have triumphed. Even if it isn't a win,we win because we were there in every moment of the game. Patience is the key to a gorgeous experience on the court knowing when to do what we do for the best outcome. It follows in our lives as well...Oh it isn't easy to fend off the agony , the insecurities and the other bugaboos that can haunt us. Yet we must if we want to be in the ZONE. I like it when I am there I feel carried and supported and loved. I can feel love which is weird since I don't think love is gamma ray like. No,I think of love as an idea we agree on and co create together. So in truth,love is a solo sport. But I digress, it the P word that I am struggling with and admiring. Having the guts to wait until its time...before the next, time and the, patience.


Cheryl Carlyle said...

Hi Rae,

Oh my, I know how you feel. That's the theme of my life. I never get what I want so I give up on it. Right now, I just NEED a new place to live and that is not even being met. From time to time, I have a yelling tantrum with the Gods of the Universe. Does it work?????? Hell no, but I feel better. lol What if what you want and need are the same thing???????????
I keep asking for the Universe for a "Declan" like man in my life. LOL. I'm into same things, ghosts, mysterious, mystical, etc.
Well anyways, I hope you get what you want and need. Maybe need is for now, want is for heaven?
Take care, hope you are well. Love, Cheryl.

Dwane T. said...

Isn't it amazing that when you're in "the zone" time seems to go so slow. You're right, its like being at one "with" the moment. Waiting for the moment can be as stressful as being in the moment is peaceful/exciting. I'm getting better at waiting... much better as I get older. But it sometimes takes so much mental, and even physical energy to "wait", that I get exhausted. Maybe that's part of the peace when the moment comes.