Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay I woke up with a clear picture of prosperity. So let me share it. When we relax and accept with complete love and happiness our exact place in our "Now" there is no story or most importantly "resistance" so the universe sends everything we need at once. Literally everything we look forward to and want and need tumbles forth into our experience. The deal is most of us are addicted to "the story" we have constructed about ourselves and we will die proving our story correct at our expense, the expense of prosperity health and happiness. In other words most of us have it all ass backward and our story, our small brained concepts of our personal realities are incorrect.Making us right and still without any of our dreams and wishes realized. Would you rather be right or happy? Would you rather be correct and smug or abundant in every way? Not to harp on what I think is pretty simple but for some egoic reason hard to do....if we just hone everything down to the simplest equation and look no further then "here now" in this moment we are happy little campers. even if we are in a hospital bed working a disease "story" or what have you; or you are in a jail cell. Distill the moment to pinpoint precision and guess what? Yes, it's not so bad. Most of us are not in dire straits, most of us have a roof over our heads, food in our belly and our health. So it really should not be hard to be happy in the moment , now. Because this is the key...the release of happy hormones and it's corresponding vibration feeds the planetary story it gives back. The up lifted vibration spreads. So as a loving payment good things tumble literally into our lives.

So this is my reminder to myself and YOU; be in the moment and appreciate it without any ulterior motive.

Enjoy your day.

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