Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When the rescuers in Haiti pulled a young child, a girl out of the rubble after being entombed in it for over a week and another child a boy who was encased in rubble for longer with no outward physical damage other then psychological terror and trauma (which is damage) but other wise physically whole. It made me wonder about "Prana" that lovely energy that courses through our bodies that the Yogis of India have been helping us discover. Prana is created with breath and when we sit and breath deeply we can stir it up "Kundalini" This magnificent energy is what creates all of life. This is the fabric, it. It isn't a wonder to me that we can live without food and water if we need to. If you can imagine what those children those people did while being entombed in rubble. They breathed deeply no doubt. Oh sure some cynic are saying that they had access to some form of water or liquid and that it's impossible to survive that long without. Still I think when it is investigated it is this force; Prana.

I also think that we will on planet earth discover an alternate form of energy "Prana" that can fuel our lives only when we raise our consciousness out of the selfish destructiveness it currently resides. Imagine a world that was kind and community based where we cared for each other and the surrounding world of plants and animals where Corporations were not in charge?

Until we step up and take back our highest spiritual being /self and become humane.... I think we will not be given the keys the secret codes of space time travel and endless force and energy. We are not trust worthy and the people in charge are frightened and greedy and dumb. So till then we get glimpses of what could be our potential future.

You know Haiti needed the love and care and attention it is getting now. It needed attention. Oh it devastating to lose life and all that we can see,know and love. I cannot imagine it. Still there is a silver lining to the tragedy. The World is watching and sending help and helping Haiti.

I just wish we didn't need devastating disasters and war to pay attention.

I just wish we were naturally tuned to care. With diseases that are immune to our medicines running rampant and spreading everywhere I think we are in for a wild ride.

It serves us personally to care for others deeply.

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