Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rich white guys

The face in America of obscene wealth, of decadence is a pasty fat white man or a white man who is trim and very neat with a net worth that exceeds 200 million. The Oscars are being hosted by two pasty white men; Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as you watch the festivities notice the audience it will be 98% white and Monique. Now if you look at the profiles of the very powerful corporations in America again it's pasty men who rule and run them...all across the board. I had a nightmare recently and the boogie man was Dick Cheney he was chasing me with a machine gun and a butchers knife as I was trying to get out of the town that was populated by the white men of affluence. The town in my dream was called affluence it was a gated community.

Then look back a decade or less and see that the worst crimes against America have been done by rich fat white men whether it was Enron or the various saving and loans and the current lending heist , big white men who netted billions at the public expense and still people are complaining about Obama and his liberals as if they are ruining this country when this country has been raped by big pasty faced greedy bastards who are still in charge. The face of corruption is a big white educated mid to late 60s trouble makers.

Its fascinating to note that evil and horrible crime and all things greedy has a white face.

This species of men is trying on every television to redeem the image if you look at the current television shows you will find many story lines of the sweet goofy white guy who is in a pickle.

I am just fascinated by of this guy in media.

Rupert Murdoch is almost single handily ruining politics and the American political process, our Constitution. We are under attack.

Okay we do have fantastic intelligent people fighting as hard as they can to regain our sanity and the right to due process. Still campaign financing from Corporations run amok only means one thing.

That scary white faced billionaire is "daddy" and don't you forget it!


mike said...

Lol...I think I could make a habit of this. I believe U'll notice that the CEO of Fannie Mae...The LARGEST perpetrator of fraud on America was a man named, Franklin Raines. I don't need to tell you what color he was, because you already know, since I am the author...he is NOT white.

I was married to a beautiful mixed race woman...Her father a pasty fat white guy from Madison, Wi. Her mother a Black as night African from Lesotho. Together they made a life and family together. Colorblind!!!

They are the people I applaud. Not a hateful, bitter, spoiled actress who has given up on sanity in favor of spewing hate.

Again...Good luck sista with your continued racism and hate.

mike said...
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mike said...

And just to point out...The Face of wealth in America for the last decade has been Sports Athletes signing $200 million dollar contracts, hip-hop producers, and a TALK SHOW host worth a BILLION dollars. The examples are everywhere...AND the numbers of dollars are obscene!!! and I couldn't be happier, because they are living the wonderful dream that ONLY happens in AMERICA.

Kobe, J-Z, Beyonce, Usher, Oprah, A-Rod...

Seriously woman..what world are U living in???

Trish said...
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Trish said...
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SaunaMatti said...

Hmmm I think someone has a problem with facing the truth Rae :) You go girl! There is a difference between what Mr. Mike is saying and wht you are saying. Enron, stealing from the people. Hip-Hop producers and that beautiful talk show host with "billions" are giving, giving, giving. They produce the music people want to hear. She gives to charities. There is a big difference.