Monday, February 1, 2010

Not everyone can sing!

Recently on a bright sunny day I was witness to a funeral service for a dear friend, she was the mother of my best friend Chris.

She passed suddenly her body stopped working. It wasn't too long a process which I was grateful for. The services were held in a small church in the rhythm section of L.A. The place was packed. It was glorious the outpouring of love. There was a rather large choir and quite a few soloists. The thing was some of the singers weren't very good and what I noticed was that those particulate soloists sang the longest. In my childhood memory of going to church I don't have a recollection of a singer being unable to hold themselves in key. I have no memory of bad singing or singing that is terrible. In fact the only thing that I found goofy was an over wrought pastor. They would lose their minds making the holy points they made and or say something that was less then factual.
No we were lucky and had a couple of singers who I think weren't ready for their close ups. Now at a funeral we are all on best behaviour so I looked around and wondered if it was my hearing,if it was me and lo and behold I wasn't the only one who was wincing. Then God forbid the church giggles began. I know,I am an adult,I should never have to be told to behave in church especially at a funeral. In fact I shouldn't be confessing about the three bad singers. Yet I think in a lot of Church's throughout the country congregations are being pummeled by bad singing. Because the people in charge are too afraid to say to "so and so " they can't sing. So they let them hoping they will get better with practise. I saw it the conductor or music directors face she just winced along with us. My friend didn't notice because he couldn't his momma was in a coffin in at the front room and that is weird by itself, surreal. So I understood he didn't notice. I did though. I heard every wayward note sung by three different people. It was fabulous. It made me miss Dave Chappelle in fact it felt like a Dave Chappelle skit. The bad church singers who won't stop singing.

Okay I am being silly and childish and disrespectful to my friends dead mother.

The truth?

I love Clara and something tells me she was hovering over the proceedings wincing and giggling along with me, that was just who she was...


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