Friday, February 12, 2010

Jealous about everything

My dear best friend called upset and feeling extremely jealous about another dear friend his voice was coated in hurt as he explained with a bit of shame his horrid state of mind. I took a deep breath and smiled and thought yes...what a healthy thing to feel, jealous. We lose our minds when we compare ourselves to others and it feels like insanity. Nothing is more painful then focusing on the impossible and nothing more frustrating then wanting what we cannot have. Yet we are addicted to this behavior every single day, everyone of us...suffers from this insanity.
First of all what we are lusting for in this glorious rich drama called our lives is LOVE. We want to be free and have everything we think we want,when we want it and we want to be loved in the midst of all of the abundance. Adored and worshipped. A tall order for sure, not because we are not worthy but I think because even in that, in the midst of everything we think we need or want we would feel a void, an inner poverty. It's that inner void that weird amnesia of who and what we are that keeps us enslaved to everything we do...if you knew that there was no where to go, nothing more to get and that you were whole and perfect as you are right now (even if terminally ill) how would you treat yourself and life around you.

I say, it would all feel better, and we would treat everything with more sweetness and kindness and love first toward yourselves and then to others.

What do you think you need? I ask with 100% certainty that whatever you think you need and don't have? I promise you don't need it. The reality is if it's not here you must not need it.

Sure we can have a list a long list of things and experiences we think we
need/want so make a list and be self-full and lush.

My list is simpler...I want to feel and know and share deep love always.

I am a bliss glutton...bring it on and I wish this very same scrumptiousness for you too.

Here and now and everything that comes our way is cake, delicious sought after cake.

We are loved.


Cheryl Carlyle said...

That's very true. We all feel this way at one time or another. I think if we be more patient we will get what we want. Timing is most important to this. I want a boyfriend in my life. But maybe the right one for me isn't near yet.
How is your friend doing?
If we have God's love (whoever that is to us) we have everything.

Ricky Star said...

That is so true!