Thursday, February 25, 2010


This morning listening to the radio and the discussions about health care I became furious with this country. For one thing I now fully understand how the Brits got their medical took a blitz to finally recalibrate the values of those in charge of the country. It took near devastation for the British brass to get off their well fed arses and do something right for the people. I shudder to think what the uninformed know (Teabaggers) imagining not much about what their beloved conservative/republican politicians are trying hard to prevent. These same men who are all on the teats of every large corporation who will stop at nothing to thwart our chances at a decent civilized health care system. A system where we all are given basic care at very reasonable rates. I think like in Canada and Britain rates so reasonable to be well below America's medical/insurance current costs by 90% what we charge here. I am gutted by the hemming and hawing these health care reform blockers are doing. The excuse that it has to be done step by step, who are they protecting? WHY can't they arrange for a proper single pay system? I know because insurance as we know it would cease to exist. It isn't a step by step process it is a complete overall. Guess what? They are guilty of committing a crime and it falls under antitrust big insurance. It's a scam our current medical pricing designed to hurt us. I can't imagine what our "blitz" is going to be and I am sad to imagine it. Something has to give and it may not happen soon but I reckon we are in for something. We can't continue to pretend to be leaders or innovators of planet earth or anything if our values are skewed eternally toward profit at the expense of human life. Where would we spend all of that money if there isn't a country to spend it in or a World for that matter. What is most important here? Profit or quality of life. I know my happiness is sweeter if I know most people are doing well. I know my abundance is less so when I remember Darfur or Haiti or anywhere down the road in my small town where people are suffering. We are connected you and I in many ways and least of all through our humanity. If you are doing well it makes my doing well that much more fun. Have you ever been around someone who suddenly has a quantum life change? Who say wins or inherits or suddenly has a ton of money, big mad money? A funny and fascinating thing happens after the initial rush of glory but eventually they get lonely and want to hang out and be like it was before the great influx of cash. It takes a long, long time for them to reestablish who they are and what they represent you can't always get your old school pals to hang out on the private jet all the time because they have to work. I am telling you we need each other. We long for community and we want our pals and even strangers to do well in life. It makes this ride, your life that much sweeter. There is one place in America where you could feel civic pride. Everything was happy in this town even the trees looked loved, the lawns were groomed the place reeks of pride. I mentioned this to the (local) driver who was kind enough to take us to our hotel. I said "this place seems happy and proud" he said "we are very proud, we love our town and everyone in it" that is so surreal and refreshing. This place is Ann Arbor Mich. one of the happiest places in America.

Civic pride, to be proud and happy that everyone holds up the story of "we love it here" sounds good to me. I think we need to take a cue from them. We need as a country to feel pride and one way is to reestablish our values and become innovators of peace and kindness genuinely work towards taking care of each other. It's beautiful and if done whole heartily every creature, every thing lifts up with it...this glorious vibration works miracles.

It's time in America we recalibrate our values from monetary dominance to spiritual (not religious) but toward quality of life as in more community and less isolation. More brotherly concern and less depression and spread this wealth. America is intrinsically a perfect beautiful place and we deserve and can become even better.

We can do this.

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wayne said...

All I can say Rae is, I am with you 1,000 %.
Health care reform is LONG! overdue. So, amen to your comments. And I hope they wake up in time.