Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The air we breathe...

There is a book called "Hormonal Chaos" written two decades ago about the effects of the tens of thousands of chemicals released daily into our atmosphere how the immediate response is an over production of estrogen. An over production of estrogen produces cancers and other imbalance markers. Is it any wonder that we have so many incurable diseases to deal with? Everyday we get the same response from the medical community looking for a cure instead of rooting out cause. We can pound our bodies into great shape but if we continue to ingest horrendous silent killers like the industrial effulgence which are to date untested as far as their immediate impact on our species. It's interesting and sad and more tragic then any attack from a rowdy religious group.
I am baffled why we are not making more of a fuss about the pollution and why our leaders in Congress and the senate in Washington are not fighting this fight too? Then I realize it's big business, it's the chemical lobby keeping everyone distracted and off the beam. So infertility, immune diseases , hermorphoditism every marker that we have seen in nature has been showing up big time in humans and still silence.
There isn't a single released report on any of the industrial chemicals used daily available for humans to research or get their hands on. There isn't a page that says what these harmful toxins do to the human being. We are flying blind and dying of incurable immune diseases which are expensive to fight.
Children are born with horrendous diseases, mothers can't get pregnant we watch as cancer cases keep growing as we allow our lovely immune system to be under assault, daily a new disorder or disease is identitified and still the medical community doesn[t point it's finger toward the Chemical industry. Too busy trying to play God and cure the lovely disorders they are helping to cook up.
Why do we hate ourselves so much?

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