Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Everything we do is to secure that one thing LOVE.
I was thinking about the inequity of representation in media and how underrepresented different aspects that are critical to society is in media; Women, people of color, the disabled,seniors (50 plus) that it is skewed toward the ruling class. I don't need to go into what that is. I have been very free about my feelings and in pointing out who they are and what they represent; "The haves".
At the end of the day it's all about LOVE. We lust for status and affluence to feel and experience love. We give our time and money and goodwill to feel love toward ourselves for being good citizens. Then we have the confused who commit crimes because they fear a lack of all things good which boiled down to its essence is; LOVE.

So everything is about that one thing.

I was hypercritical about a woman I know who is in charge of something I have to deal with and I stopped in my tracks and thought "wait a minute" all she wants is love. She does all the weird mean stuff because somewhere she has convinced herself she is not getting love so she has made a choice to drag everyone and everything down the rabbit whole of her sadness by being a "bitch".

Love, if she could experience it and know it is within not without would she be so confused and hell bent on spreading her misery?


It's a mercurial thing love and some of us are not convinced it is actual substance. Some of us believe it is an idea, a belief, a concept that can only be experienced within.

In other words there are not gamma rays that spew forth from another into our hearts.
It is a concept, we decide that we are bathed in...

So the final story is love is here now in YOU.

So rub it in your hair, silly rabbit!

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Trish said...

I can understand people not wanting to spread their love because they feel someone else is getting more than they are getting. However, people who are busy hating seem to never "understand" that people like yourself are understanding them, and perhaps haters should take a step back and appreciate the patience around them. It takes faith in love to love and it takes faith to know that you are a have. Everyone is a have. It is faith in deception that is the problem. I appreciate you writing about this. Its good to see that there are people who want to be at peace with themselves and with the decision to remain around vampires, instead of retaliating against the negativity.