Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Pressure creates diamonds out of coal. SO it seems pressure, grief and stress creates Olympians. I am amazed at how many of them had rough experiences early on. It seems these parents a pretty high percentage were single and chose to focus their children and themselves into a discipline. I like that, it is a great idea if tragedy strikes get busy, get physical and do something to integrate the grief. In one day as the announcers were speaking about an athlete there was mention of death of a parent twice. Different kids of course but tragedy nonetheless, has anyone done a study? Divorce also, many of these Olympians start life out with one parent being missing; Appolo Ohno for one. It is interesting to me. I think hardship is a gift and I am not saying this to bring it on. I am just acknowledging it's up side. Everything has an upside some times it's so morbid it's hilarious. Okay I can be quite twisted in my brand of humor. Tough times can bring out Olympian hopefuls. This is heartening, I think we need to be thankful and appreciate the pressures as they unfold because there is light a the end of the tunnel and it will change whatever hardship we are working at the moment it will change it cannot stay unless we refuse to see our part in it. Unless we at all cost want to remain victim or innocent. I think this is the tough bit. Okay some people cringe when I say we are 50% responsible for everything not more not less 50% and the details are unlimited as to where we allowed our hardship , our experience to occur. It's so subtle that I think we being not so sensitized cannot see it so we feel if we are unaware then we are innocent and we are not. Unconsciousness is not a free pass it's just unconsciousness...we are guilty and although we may not realize it our stubby fingers are on the trigger. Oh sure some of us would rather die trying to prove their innocence (literally) but I can't find it. I think our limited perceptions inhibit our understanding this. Our inability to see the bigger picture limit our understanding of the whole. In my universe God cannot be God if he allows torture and murder and other heinous actions against humanity. So since God is God and life is perfect love (they say this) then there isn't a victim anywhere. Somewhere we are part of the picture part of the torture and mutilations. Tough and messy but true. You can't have God and have it's opposite. So everything has to be sourced from it. It just is...or else the whole story is a lie and some people feel this may be true. The God head doesn't exist. I prefer to think it does exist and that there is a bigger broader perspective and this perspective is clear and correct. Our personal Dharma is understood and clear to this big picture realm of understanding. I like to think we earn this understanding and it soothes us. We actually get it!

Life is no longer chaos and we are no longer balls of plasma hurtling through space on a gelatinous orb.

...Or maybe that is all we are.

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