Thursday, February 18, 2010


Recently I wrote up a list of what I wanted in my life as an assignment and meditation.In fact I had to send it to a third party. Interestingly (to me) it felt very awkward and self conscious, selfish and a bit silly. They say when we are not accustomed to help we have a difficult time shaping and creating desires because it doesn't feel right, this is true for me. We can be so attuned to lack and it's feeling of longing we have attached pleasure to it. In some circles of study (Pathwork) this is called negative pleasure. Something negative is given a pleasant connotation in order to survive the bad experience. It's a defense, a survival instinct and its difficult to identify,understand and stop. Therefore we don't recognize when something is good for us or helpful and we don't know how to frame our desires without feeling bad about them. It's confusing and sad actually and very common. We are according to many (in the know) creative force or Divinity manifested. To create is a natural gift, a God given gift each of us possess. So to be able to create anything, is simply to ask for it THEN stepping aside or getting OVER ourselves and allowing it to manifest.

This step is the buggaboo...allowing, this is where we get in the way and stop it from happening. I know for myself I get emotional and I get sad and that's enough to stop anything wanted from materializing. We cannot manifest if we are in the way. We have to get OVER ourselves to let LOVE in.

So much harder then is sounds.

Letting in the love and allowing creative forces to do their work. Oh I know it's simplistic sounding but it is not easy. Many argue this thinking this "The secret" premise is silly,childish but I think it works because when we get out of our way, when we silence the critic, the echo of our insecurities long enough we manifest magically almost everything and more then we ever could imagine.

Have you ever given up? Let go? All in despair? Only to see the very thing we want manifest? This is the thing letting go forgetting about "it" allows it in. Letting go of "it" makes it happen.

I am not saying give up I am saying (especially to myself) to let go. To honestly stop focusing on what I think I want and allow the one thing that keeps me vibrationally aligned.


This is the cure for ALL of the resistance, when we feel despair and sadness and fraudulent stop and appreciate what is and everything in it.

Appreciate , appreciate, appreciate everything because as God is our witness what we want is on it's way!

Appreciate the timing, because it's divine.


NC17 said...

If you sit back and think of everything in life that's blessed you, it came at the right TIME. Timing is EVERYTHING

Tony Bunn said...

Synchronicity is also a quite fascinating aspect of the realm of thought to which you allude. You'll never know how valuable was this post of yours to me, at this particular time of my reading. For three weeks, I've been wrestling with pulling myself away from a cigarette addiction. For three weeks, I successfully abstained; until today, when I was mercilessly triggered into buying a pack' and indulging what I'll call for the moment a "guilty pleasure" --- which sounds very much like the "negative pleasure" of which you spoke. It was perhaps your framing of that concept, herein, that (along with a few other coincident signals) will enable me to get back on track with the business of quelling my enjoyment of that most negative indulgence.