Monday, February 8, 2010

He is doing a fantastic job and so...

This past year our beloved President has done more good for this country then the last two Bushes did combined (both put us in debt) he is even challenging Clinton's record (for recontructing our national stability) he has only been in office for a year. His commitments to changing legislation is unprecedented in the amount he has accomplished and what he has on the table pending still. Oh sure he has not fulfilled every promise but he has done more in 365 days in office then many did in multiple terms. I know that the "others" his critics would complain like my friend Stephen in Iceland would be hyper critical about Obama complaining he is spending too much and health care is a no, noor that the jobless rate climbing higher then ever in history (not true)... Lets face it this administration is under fire, still he has triumphed in the face of terrible division in the senate and congress, severe opposition by every republican. It is interesting to see the low brow tactics the lying, the lies, the "opposition" keeps spreading knowing that the average person doesn't have the will to check his record, his actual policy record. They just listen to the headlines spewed forth by right wing corporate owned media outlets but not by actual groups who are keeping close tabs on his movements and his policy hopes. President Obama is dong an outstanding job considering what he inherited and I for one am going to give him more time to correct the mountain of shite the last 8 years of Bush have left us in. To triple our deficit, harms us. All done by Rummy and Cheney and Bush and Rice all in the name of security and yet our security has never been guaranteed. To plunder the treasury under the guise of homeland security by forcing us into a war (Iraq) that should have never occurred under false pretenses and then to distract our forces from the place (Afghanistan) where we may have been closest to catching the perpetrators is criminal in and of itself. Yet these same men and woman want to heap blame on this administration, its wrong. Its as if suddenly every right wing American has amnesia. It's a shame. Thank goodness this administration knows its weaknesses and addresses them daily with an open mind and a willingness to improve. Not with slogans and cutesy country bumpkin sayings to criticize yet never solve our problems. I would respect them (republicans) if they had solid solutions that would challenge the democrats solutions but nope they have nothing to bring to the table. Instead we have to put up with the same complaints without solutions without any solid ideas of how to set us straight and all we hear about is how much money we are spending, not about how much money THEY spent when they were in power.
We need solutions, not slogans.
Don't be fooled people. These same shrill teabaggers are under informed hysterical and sadly undereducated and frankly lazy and if they get their way we will become intimate with depression as in the great depression. Taxes should be much be higher if we are to help ourselves. We need to slowly steadily get out of trouble but not by shifting the blame to entitlement programs (lame idea) like social security. Raise taxes, help by by pitching in. The rich corporation and individuals need to pony's been a free ride long enough.

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