Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Nothing is more refreshing then the start of a new year and decade. I like that we begin double digits in this new cycle starting with 2010. That is a sexy number. 9's have always been a bit brutish a number vibrationally for me. It's important to have challenges no doubt it keeps us sharp but 9's are almost Saturn-ish (sharp, harsh, task masters) by definition they take no prisoners. Death, loss and other dramas so to say goodbye to a nine year is a slice of heaven for me. Bye bye...oh good things do come from hardship no doubt but it's nice to celebrate the shift, the relief as it comes. I have a long list of things I want to get done or start and achieve. Mainly I need to grasp myself, know myself better, hold myself close and yet not too close so as to lose perspective yet continue the dive into the depths of my secrets yet not dwell in the murky material either. I think there is a flaw with the entire human potential movement and that is if we spend too much time dwelling and ruminating and being in "pain body" like denial or avoidance that too can be bad or off balance and destructive. So it's balancing the two being deep when needed and lightening up when needing to, too. It's possible we will have an exciting decade ahead filled with triumphant accomplishments and insights and no doubt a bit of tragedy, the ever present contrast.

It is said we all should welcome it; contrast.
Life in all it's color...literally.
Adios 2009 it was interesting and I am glad it is over.


Tony Bunn said...

Interesting statements! I've found this, the 4th Ox year I've seen, to have been quite fascinating. Indeed, you hit the nail on the head with the comment about its being a year that was remarkable in its contrasts. On the negative side, I've witnessed much death and the demonic unmasking of many who were thought to be friends.

However, on the positive side, this has been a period almost overwhelming with respect to the rebirth of dreams of all kinds, as they have begun to burst into the sphere of actual reality.

Also, Rae Dawn, little Ox woman, please know that you personally have been a quite significant part of much that was good about this year, for me.

Although the year was filled with its challenges, a closer, somewhat detached assessment will reveal the countless blessinigs that punctuated the year numbered 2009.

May 2010, and the coming of the Tiger, bring all that you might hope for; and may you be ready for it!

Peace, Strength & Much Love,
Tony B.

frenchwoman said...

what a Tony fine words, you are wise! an angel!
for my part you and Rae were two meeting interesting this year, and I am happy to know you even if that is virtual

hard hard to communicate rrrrr!!!