Monday, December 14, 2009


Last year I wrote a spec pilot and this year I want to see it made.
I am longing to get something made or back on television.
We need more women in leadership roles and more people of color on TV.


I am going to be bold and go out on a limb here and say race relations have worsened
with our beloved President in office the first African American I notice a bigger awareness or measurement of content in regards to race. I notice a tightening of the wagons in media.
I notice more articles in the press about this division and about the races in general.
Plus the sinister subject of white dominance and the question of whether white is dominant?It is still the dominant race especially in finance, maybe not in numbers globally still the power positions in the west are still held by non-ethnics.

White is still king and it makes me sad nonetheless that the yard stick is OUT and we are in a race of some sort. I was sad when Sherry Shepard was exposed as being so stupid years ago when she wasn't sure if the world was flat. She said as much on her show The View. It pained me because I feel the establishment doesn't want to show people of color with brains and moderate behaviors. It is skewed toward extreme and embarrassing stuff. I wouldn't feel so sensitive about it if we were represented better. We do have a smart handsome charmer in the White house but can we have a few representatives on television in media too? In Films that make us proud? Please?

It's hard when there is only that side of the African American experience being highlighted in media. The loud brash and stupid.

A reader of my blog wondered if media has become pro war. Maybe to justify our continuing presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe...I notice we will support our government that way so yes. We are a war mongering country. Wow, for some reason I never imagined America as such, I know how can I forget Vietnam.

Back to race in American media. Tiger woods has many people laying in wait to tear him down. I am sad because his timing could not have been worse. It seems we are under attack racially that media is dying to show our inferiority and worse. We are human and there isn't a perfect race or perfect person alive on planet earth.

Although Tiger was close...shame on us for falling for it.

The thought that someone like Sarah Palin could sell 400,000 books. This country has lost it's mind. Where on planet earth except in America could a pretty face with a hunting rifle do so well? Okay I pick on hunters and I think hunting isn't bad in fact I appreciate the nature conservation that hunters helped bring to America. It isn't bad to hunt its human nature to do;hunt it's our nature. I do think it is bad to be dumb and I think Sarah Palin is a dumb ass and if she is even remotely successful as a candidate (2012) then look forward to more Obama.
You tea party, birthers.
I wish there wasn't a tit for tat competition of who is better racially.
Then again it would NOT be planet earth I suppose. I am just itching for us to be judged on character and smarts and kindness not the color of our skin.

It's christmess and I can wish can't I?
We love a good fight don't we?


wayne said...

Dear Rae,

I agree with what you say and think that who better suited to fight this fight of show African Americans in a better like in regards to media coverage than you.
Might I suggest getting together with Oprah ( with whom you worked with and the past ) or someone like Bill Cosby and maybe even Will & Jada and scripting a big budget motion picture showing AMERICA that black folk aren't always loud or brash.

Just a thought.
Wayne ( one of your biggest fans )

glenzgolfvi said...

Hello Rae Dawn,

I get your feed thru Bloglines. I have been a fan since your role with a particular gov. of Calif. in a good movie. You were spectacular then because of the 'aura' that you conveyed. (And you still have that glorious smile.)

I am white. I am Canadian living on Vancouver Island. What you say about the media is true but there is something deep in what the media is doing.

I teach golf. I follow (Twitter) and friend (FB) with golfers. My friends are from around the world. My friends are the kind of people you are looking for. Golf is superceding the media's efforts to let the 'race' thing go on. We are just being people. Many in other nations are seeing how golf is building a special friendship of love and respect amongst everyone. These people are happy when they learn that I, a white man, am thinking as they do.

I love your 'The Note'. Don't always agree but you send out thought that is so critical to where we are going. (You sound so,

I hope you find time to 'tune' into what the golf world is doing. I am friends with Michael Jordan, Peter Harewood (friend of Tiger's), Erica, Myah, and Eric Jackson (Birdie Sisters). They may be colored Black. But, they are just ordinary good people to me. As are you.

Best to you RD. Keep writing your stuff. Please remember there are some of us out here, trying.

Glen Osborne

glt said...

Huge article of expression once again.

We're a melting pot of colored pigments. Oh, the damned history is just so obvious! We need an escape on a pressure tank. I'm fucking dying here! These right wing nazi Okies are trying to kill my soul. They have no mind left of their own...they are all dittoheads...brainwashed. This country sucks still! Goddamned right wing jesus zombies think they own us all! Fuck 'em! They can't kill us on the net...they need to drop the real bomb...but they're too wimpy. I dunno what I'm talking about...just spouting off...we are the founding fathers of cyber communication...LET's BE HONEST and DO IT RIGHT!!!