Thursday, December 17, 2009


Okay; it's the holidays and we don't celebrate it. It makes us sad because it feels like a tradition with no basis. I am certain if each of us really examined Christmas it is about the decorations and the feasting and the gift giving and the collection of loot and our place in the tribal pecking order. As a young woman I had a pretty cool collection of decorations for the tree that were pinched by my housekeeper who now that I have had a couple of decades to forgive her, I think she needed them. She needed a big part of me. I now see the brilliance of the theft. Of course it killed Christmas for me right then and there. All the fuss. Lately though the sweetest people who can't help themselves have given us gifts. I stress constantly that we ignore Christmas but folks can't believe it or me. I accept their tokens of love and I feel fine no guilt for not reciprocating although everyone is obsessed with that horrible gift game "Yankee Swap" which I call take back and hurt people with it. I HATE,HATE,HATE the is like watching those competitive shows where someone loses and everyone is made fun of. Idol, Amazing Race and every Dance show. Pain television and we are obsessed. So it doesn't surprise me that people get a kick out of the take back Yankee swap game. Vile and mean. In essence Christmas is the mean season where nothing but drama and pain abound. Where we spend it, with whom and what we get or don't get and the partying which wreaks havoc on my waist line. I can tell you. I can't say no to some of the goodies and inevitably I have just gotten off a court and am famished and lo and behold I have consumed way to many dense holiday calories...oooohhhhh no! Plus my wine LOVE red bring it on. Except when I wake up at 3 in the morning parched thinking "did I have to have that much wine?" No, I did not, but I it's hard out here in Christmas land for a woman.

If this holiday season doesn't kill me, next year I may get with it and decorate our space or start back with the Christmas decoration collection. I saw a couple tree onrnaments I fancied. Oh and the spirit of giving is best when we donate to a cause whether it's a school in Haiti where we are sponsoring someone or local charity for women and Children.

... I am always up for that.

The loot is nice but not necessary and the food...I have to say I could do without all of it.

I do like the need to smile and share love which makes it groovier.

That's just it!

... Christmas for me needs more rhythm.

More swing, less food, more love and fellowship.

Christmas could be wonderful.


Cheryl Carlyle said...

Hi Rae,

I love Christmas, not for the gifts or the food or anything else but to spend time with my family who I wish I got to see more of, and just went to my Grandma's funeral last week. I only get to see them about 5 times a year which isn't too bad. They are only an hour and a half away.
Well, we have to have a 4' small tree in the back room cause our 8 birds will go crazy over it. I light the candle for Jesus. I used to advent but then being Wiccan as well, it's too many holidays to remember.
I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and holiday season. I've had too much chocolate, I can take a break from that.
Love, Cheryl.

Tony Bunn said...

Rae Dawn, my dear,

I haven't visited for a while; and might I say that this post and your later Facebook status on the humanity of Jesus are quite compelling topics for me ;o).

On the topic of a modern Christmas that is devoid of meaning, aside from that which is (perhaps falsely) attributed to customs and cultures celebrated long ago and far away, I opted out of the gift-swap game some 20 years ago --- the opting out having been a most difficult process to maintain, for the first few years.

At first, I thought your remarks about there being a mean-spiritedness to the celebration to be somewhat off-base; however, now that I recall the subtle ways in which the gifting celebration is actually arranged (by humans) to make people who opt out (either actively or through passive inability) feel at least a modest sense of guilt (even to this day, my now 2nd wife doesn't understand my stance), I would have to agree whole-heartedly with you.

Now, mind you, I actually enjoy riding around and seeing all the lights and festive decorations, as I also enjoy people's (perhaps actually heartfelt) desire to wish peace and goodwill to all; those aspects of the holiday celebration tending more toward selfless spirit-driven manifestations.

Perhaps owing to my Catholic upbringing, and despite my now very much matured modern-era Taoist stance and perspective, I believe very much that "the reason for the season" is simply LOVE; however, I also believe that to be the reason for every day that I might be allowed to draw breath in this world --- thus, much like you, Dec. 25 will in many ways be "just another day" for me. And it will be no less special than any other :o)!

Enjoy yo' life, doll :o). I'm glad to call you my friend!

Peace & Strength,
Tony B.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Thanks for the words Tony Bun-dle of love.

Merry Christ-mess. I adore ya!

You too Ms Cheryl.