Saturday, December 5, 2009

Entertain me...

We went to the movies last night and watched "Precious" I think it is very well done, everything was spot on. I felt for everyone and was perfectly "molested" by the horrendous tale. I am not certain I would call it entertainment and yet I am so happy that her story was and is being witnessed by many. It will hopefully give people pause before they judge those of us who are "large" and dealing with so many pressures like sexual abuse or any abuse and homelessness. I do want us as a species to be kinder. Still I am not certain we were up for the onslaught and I was devastated by the story absolutely wrecked, tears were on my cheeks the whole way through. Go see it but be prepared. I am glad we watched it in a theatre because I know I would have turned it off at home. I am a wimp, my heart is on my sleeves. Still I like to be entertained. I watched "district 9 and fell in love with it, what a masterpiece. I have nothing but pure respect for the film makers. That is also one of the things about Precious. The Director, I met years ago, Lee Daniels and like his movie I found him very, very creepy. I know people are just doing the best they can in their situations. He is a deeply talented man...and creepy. Ha...I am so bad. I should be so lucky to work with him. It's been a while. I need to stop now and appreciate deeply gifted people and movies like Precious which serve a higher purpose. They make us feel and know the forgotten and that is mighty important.
We must care and be concerned for our sisters and brothers in need because there is no difference between us. Barely any...So please go see this movie and do a good deed for the day and if you want to watch a strange but powerful love story see "District 9" as well. It rocks.

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