Monday, December 21, 2009

Spontaneous bliss

Good morning! I woke up clear and full with understanding that if we stop and appreciate everything exactly as it is in our experience this very instance we immediately receive JOY. Right where you are , right here and now is perfectly on schedule in the broader picture of your special life. The voices that tell us otherwise are usually connected to a part of our psyche that is unsatisfied and competitive and unhappy. Honestly no matter what you may "think" you need to have accomplished by now and haven't doesn't account for the fun you may or may not known you were having getting to the goal. How many times have we heard heroic stories of misery and escape (Mandela) or ultimate triumphant and every single aspect of their stories has a detail we tend to over look which is the "journey" the long hard well fought journey. THAT is the triumph...the real end result. As we struggle with ourselves to learn a very hard lesson (true self love) we discover if we are lucky that the fight or struggle starts with wrestling our own inner voices that shut us down, beat us up and pulverize our experiences. We do have to be diligent with that ego centric tyrant and we have to enjoy the moments, here now. It is in these micro moments that we live. None of us is encouraged to take the time to say thank you. So I am asking that today regardless of the outward possible "facts" (lack of everything you want) enjoy your life fully. Enjoy everything and be grateful and I mean LOVE it up.

This week is really about least in my book. Love of the Christ within each of us. To borrow from the idea of it, Christ being love of what is.

... We are it!

Always, Merry Christ Consciousness!

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