Sunday, December 20, 2009


Recently I was invited to sign autographs at Comic Con in Michigan and I was paranoid it was a set up from the dark and evil prince of Blackwater, and that he was setting me up to be killed mysteriously in some freak accident driving to or from the arena. Meanwhile I do know I am not that important and my little writing that I do online although at times potent doesn't alter policy. Still I am scared of them.
I got worried and a bit paranoid because I honestly believe we are under siege in America from a rather sinister group of bible thumpers cloaked in
banal propaganda who have no idea how dark and malicious their beliefs are or how their need to promote and force the rest of us to toe the Neo-conservative Christian line is fascist. It chills me to the bone.

There are many educated people crying out the warning but so many of us are not listening and it is serious. There are millions of Christians in America who are tithing to crazy cults in the name of Jesus. I for one think Religion and Politics make strange bedfellows and we should be vigilant instead most of us are slackers. We are not awake or concerned so here I am once again saying wake up and start getting smarter so at least if shit gets weird you will know where to go and what to do and who to side with. The average person has no idea what is happening in America or that these organizations have simple pro life names like "Americans for family values" cults all...and the Neocon right has loudly distracted the simple minded masses (Fox news, Glen ,Rush) who want to be afraid of the Liberals (Obama) when in fact the liberals don't have an Army for hire, we don't have Blackwater at our beck and call, obviously. Actually these same weirdo's are trying to make the actual Army super church Christian, they are offering program in Muslim countries (Iraq) to encourage the actual US Army personnel to pass out the bible. That Naomi Wolf who is one of the voices screeching to the people about the soon to be loss of our freedom here at home from "Them" she unfortunately sounds like a kook at times and extra paranoid and I know I am close (sounding crazy) writing this today. Unfortunately Ms. Wolf is spot on and generous for warning us we are being attacked from within from the corn fields and fly over states of America our choice to be who we are...if we are not smarter we are close to Marshall Law. Folks I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I beg you to investigate and be informed. Read everything you can about these groups. I may be silly to think I am a target? Yet it takes one voice to cause a tipping point reaction. One action to begin a chain of events. If these American who are claiming to restore us back to the values of the 1950's were truly intelligent they would see that we need to move forward and to integrate what works best and to allow freedom of beliefs and speech. Yet if we listen closely we can see that it's these freedoms (Gay marriage for one) that are being challenged in a more sinister and far reaching way. When will they stop?

I don't think I will be going to Comic Con because I am little worried about them.

Call me crazy.


Cheryl Carlyle said...

Hi Rae,

that does sound scary and ominous, better to not go to it or be involved in it.
I prefer my Christianity to be a private and personal thing. God is not just in church but everywhere. I'm Christian Wiccan so have been on some groups on facebook, try to explain to them that one is both. I got an earful from both sides. lol. I truly am both. I don't see why you have to give up one religion for another?
We too have the problem of cults here in Canada. Just recently a teenager has gone missing and think she might have been taken by a cult. She has been seen or thought to be seen in other provinces. Hope she will be found okay. She's been in the news since sept.
Take care Rae, see you after the holidays. Love, Cheryl.

PD McCloud said...

Yes, the conspiracy theory steps out again. I agree, there is an underlying purpose to the Republican party to invoke it's so-called "Christian" values up on us. Then again, we Democrats tend to be leaning towards a "one-world" nation. We are more and more becoming like our European brothers in that we are trying to find answers for our own problems through likening our answers to the european failures, i.e., socialized medicine.
It is commonly known that the income tax on european people is as much as 50%, where here in the US we still enjoy being on the lower end of the tax scale amoung nations.
My fear is that we will fall victim to the pressures of our chosen leaders to become akin to those that our for-fathers fled from centuries ago. Shall we not stand up once again for ourselves and become one nation, for and by the people?
Until we come to that conclusion, I fear we shall forever be subject to a dismal future.
As for your fear of harm? I've watched, listened and respected artistic career for many years, however I am a little concerned about the validity of your fears. Are they real, with valid, substantiated threats? Or, are they the fears of one who may be placing more importance and stretch of her words than is given credence to?
Regardless, Rae, I still love ya and will continue to follow you as a viable, important figure in the world we live. Though you don't celebrate the holidays as many do, I still send my best wishes for a happy season to you and yours.
PD McCloud

Tory Connolly Walker said...

Hi Rae:

If you get a really bad vibe about going someplace to appear in public, it is best not to go. You probably made a wise decision if you chose not to go.

As far as politics is concerned, you are probably aware that there is a hidden ruling elite over the visible leaders. That secret elite is the real power behind all major countries and the world's visible politics. It is neither Democrat, nor Republican and is certainly not Christian, nor has it ever been during our lifetime.

Meanwhile we are kept distracted and at odds quibbling over parties and issues while many decisions are made behind the scenes.

If Marshal Law is ever declared, it will be the call of the ruling elite and not a church or a group of Christians or any cover groups that tout family values, the ones that are fake cover groups, when behind the scenes they don't even practice those values.

I came to my belief in Jesus Christ after participating in and researching all the major religions and some esoteric ones. After reading many secular books and after reading several versions of the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. After spending hours in different public libraries and more hours in some private ones.

One quiet summer day, the power and love of Christ's Holy Spirit came into my heart. It is a knowingness and faith that is beyond anything that opposes it.

One of the evil ones' greatest tactics is fear. God tells us repeatedly to "Fear not". And He forms a hedge of protection around His children. Though they have tried and will continue to try, ultimately, the ruling elite and other domineering types, cannot rule our spirits, our hearts, and our souls.