Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sticks and stones

Today I read a disturbing note sent to me by a friend on FB who is smarting (hurt) from what they say was a personal attack from another facebook friend. It seems that he was attacked literally by comments aimed at his person and his families honor. Now I am certain we are grownups here on the thread and certainly can separate between what is truth and what is an others opinion. At least I hope so. What you think about me is not my business. In fact what anyone else thinks or feels about me in general is NOT my business so I don't worry about it. First as a way to find liberation from unnecessary mental anguish and second because there is nothing I can do to alter your feelings. Nor is it my business to try. Save your energy people. The moment each of us can get that lesson the better we all will feel. What another is up to is NOT your business, period. So stay out of it. Even if they are screaming negatives about your person and or your family. They have lost their mind, even if the words heard are painful, step away, change the channel; log off. I am not a fan of attackers and I can confess I have attacked many a poor soul in my history and I feel remorse, genuine pain for stepping out of my circle of influence and projecting my story onto innocent people confused that what they do affects me. Oh sure someone can alter your future by say; not hiring you. Still it's really your job or our job to decide how we use the information. How it impacts us. I have a long standing argument with a very close friend who makes it her business to find fault and personal attack and deficiency in everything. I am certain nothing is further from fact. No matter how diabolical a person is they don't have the power to affect us UNLESS we say YES to it. In other words I decide if your actions will impact my NOW. Okay apologies for sounding abstract, but it holds, my decision to let your actions affect me are MINE, not yours. To the person who wrote to me (on FB) this morning complaining about another friend we have on FB It isn't possible for them to truly hurt you UNLESS you let them. They are out of their business when they attack you. Just like you are out of yours when you let their attack affect you.

So my advice is stay home and be happier in general. My job isn't to police people on my FB page I try but I make mistakes or miss stuff. If a person can't control themselves and it bugs you ignore it and move on.

I saves me years of unnecessary grief.

Stay in your business and love yourself up. It's fun and it's magic.
Happy new year may you never forget this simple truth.


Tim said...

"more humble and fortunate is the one that points the finger at themselves before others"

You are blessed always by standing in humiliation to admit your own fault. What you have chosen to do with that truth, by admitting it to those who listen, is the blessing passed on. =))

Godspeed Always,


glt said...

"Mind your own business, and you won't be mindin' mine!" Hank Williams
That said, some people are supersensitive ego-wise and can't take a single constructive criticizm. To them I say, lighten up, don't take yourself so seriously, you KNOW you're not perfect! Most of the time with me, when I criticize, it's just to get a response and hopefully start a fire of friendship if it was meant to be. xxxooo!