Wednesday, December 9, 2009


America is in kindergarten when it comes to sexuality. There is so much judgement and distortion about the creative urge. I find the fascination with Tiger Woods sexuality very boring and sad and typical. Gee a wealthy superstar can't keep his extracurricular dalliances in check. What a shock. He marries impulsively and now finds himself in a scandal of his own making and we are supposed to be shocked. It's like asking a chronic over eater to a food show and asking them not to taste anything. He is gorgeous and rich and everyone wants a taste literally. He is human. Only in America can we hang someone for their sexuality. Okay I am not for deviant sexuality personally but for people who get a kick our of say fetish or what have you and as long as children and animals are out of the mix I say BRAVO! Go for it...the concept of infidelity or say Monogamy is forced and unnatural. Oh sure I follow this monogamous thing because it makes my lover happy and I find it is a bit more peaceful. I can't seem to handle more then one lover at a time without causing everyone pain. I wish in a perfect world this didn't have to cause so much grief. I know for fact it is scientific that women want new lovers every few years or's nature/biology making sure we don't put all our eggs in one basket. Still in modern society we are forced to follow rules and these rules are all about monogamy. My BF is adamant about it and so far it isn't too difficult yet I wonder how normal it is and why the French seem to have it so right. A lover can give a woman a pip in her step. It can make the dull seem glorious , the old seem in America we shudder at excitement we judge as horrible the dangerous and we shun passion as out of control. Too bad and is it any wonder we are FAT asses?

In America we are eating and they say eating is a substitute for unmet needs. I just wonder if we had more honesty around our sexuality and if we weren't so judgemental about our lives and our relationships and if we didn't stay in dead end relationships because we are afraid of what people will think or what our families will think? Would we be a better world? Would be be kinder to ourselves and others? I am not saying go wild and screw everything in sight, no. I am all about balance. Imagine a world where we stayed out of each others business where it wasn't a judgement thing, where we just honored our privacy and we didn't confuse love with ownership? Marriage with property? I don't think Tiger was right to have so many sloppy dalliances, girls lying around just itching to go public. He obviously wants out of his marriage. I just think he shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. He should have made the right decision and stayed a bachelor.

It's his business and he's a public figure but there isn't one famous man in sports or Hollywood or Politics who hasn't "THOUGHT" about it let alone who hasn't acted on it! We lie. So who will ever know. I know that some very prominent long time married men in Hollywood who are the first to throw stones and judge and who are also racist (against non African Americans) have snuck around behind their spouses backs and dipped in places they probably shouldn't have with non ethnic woman too, only they didn't get caught YET. These big mouthed superstars are hypocrites, sleazy horrible cowards, the worst. Why? Because they don't man up and be who they are and they pretend to be all about purity of the race and other horse shit. Pretenders, all the while the prey on production PA's and starlets. Pretending to be happily married it's fascinating, why?

Why ask why? Ask how can we find peace so people don't have to be "Down Low". So Men can be men and woman can be woman without so much pain.

Imagine if people were up front and honest about their sexuality?
It would save alot of us a lot of heart ache.

... and surprise?

The world would be a happier more fulfilled place.

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Cheryl Carlyle said...

Hi Rae,

Every time I turn on tv or radio it's all about Tiger Woods. Well, I knew who he was of course but not a fan of him or golf. Now even less interested. Boring every time I hear or watch this. They just can't leave him alone.
I had respect for Letterman who manned up on his show and spoke out about his affairs, well he had to but still it deserves some respect. These people/stars are also human and human's have very bad faults and very bad indiscretions. It's wrong but we hear about them cause they are celebrity. I will change the channel. It too shall pass.
I love sex. lol I would like more.
But rather have it with the right man and with love and loyalty involved.
I have a half brother due to my father's affair when I was 18. Oh god how I love my brother so much. I only met him ten years ago. I'm so glad he's here.
Thanks for your blogs, they are so insiteful and though provoking. You are a great writer, should write a book?
Love, Cheryl.