Sunday, May 2, 2010


Just back from my first gig in many years, it was amazing being filmed again. I had forgotten how it felt and was excited to be doing it, playing and pretending to be someone else. I very much enjoy being someone else. I got to be a witch this time and other then lots of words to memorize I enjoyed the weirdness or otherness of the “touched”. I am a witch in every cell of my body I so believe in the unseen and all of the faeries. Maybe it’s the Irish- Afro- Chinese shamanistic blood coursing through my veins but it feels like home to be a witch. I fought to have as real as possible. We shot outside in the cold wearing essentially a toga which was a challenge but in character it hardly mattered I had a Pegasus to conjure. So this is the main reason my blogging was suspended. Also the internet service where I was staying wasn’t very consistent and that makes it hard to do something as leisurely as blogging since keeping up with e-mails took precedence. I learned something that I had forgotten many decades ago…I love to play. I love to play dress up and I will hang out and play make-believe until forever. Doing this film connected me to my heart and my love of the make believe. I think this is the fountain of youth everyone needs to remember just play. Get outside and play oh it’s nice to have a crew taking film of it but it doesn’t matter you can still get out and make believe without a crew. I felt very happy doing this movie and I am so lucky I get to go and do it some more in a few days. I am a child at heart. I am a fairy.
I wish for all of you this…to be childlike and know you are safe and delightfully loved.

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glt said...

Wow, I always wanted to be an actor....and you just listed the reasons. I wouldn't take on meaningless, superficial roles either. I'm too old now, but thank you for giving us what could have been, in beautiful words.