Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Across the Universe

This morning I was asked a simple question which sparked an idea. The question was whether we as a species were going backward away from technology as a response to being so electronically dominated. I think yes…we tend to go against trends when they become too prevalent. The constant texting, the compulsiveness of it,the almost nutty reliance on our pda’s is bound to have a push back or rebellion away from it. We never go full bore stupid for anything eventually someone or thing makes us stop and catch our breath and rebel. I think many things can and will make humanity slow down…one being more hardship whether by financial collapses worldwide or disease or war. The other by possible alien invasion which I believe isn’t as farfetched or insane as we always think it. Hello? Anyone notice that the Universe is enormous? How can it be that only the human race is functioning? In fact that scientific thought is insulting on every level. We cannot be the only intelligent life form and when you look at the things we do it’s not a vastly high intelligence either. No we are not alone. That it’s been this long and we haven’t had a definite contact is interesting but I think its coming. I think media begins the event by planting ideas to make them less farfetched. District nine was an amazing film filled with excellent very real concepts and I promise it will be close to something like that and let’s hope we can dominate them and not the other way round. Then there is famine and water shortages and possible power shifts with Communist countries the intellectuals keep assuring us that China doesn’t want to take over the world but I am not convinced I think hubris a worse and more dangerous stance then caution and humility. We as a group in the USA have more than enough hubris. So I think it very possible we could be reduced to simpler means how we live,communicate and function. On the other hand I do want to stress the importance of inner peace and mastery. learnng, having the ability not to be ruffled out of balance because life as you know it has changed. I think it prudent as a species and as individuals we examine where we are attached and not in a healthy way to everything around you. I think it prudent to imagine complete change and not judge it one way or another. Everything could and can and will change drastically. I remember a story Byron Katie told us about watching her little grandson Race almost die. He was born but took a while to breath. She was present in the room. Everyone panicked around her as a hospital staff would do when a newborn is having breathing issues. I try to imagine not reacting but Kate didn’t not because she doesn’t love the new baby…but it doesn’t help and we MUST learn to accept what is not as a weak response but as a trust as an active choice. Not as a lay down and die stance but as an act of understanding and strength. Race took his breath and all was well but he just as easily could have expired right then and guess what? That was as good as living too. Only as a race, as a society we don’t give short lives any respect we instantly judge them as bad. Oh we have so far to go. What am I saying?
…I say don’t get too comfortable in anything, absolutely appreciate life, as it is for you now and yet know, count change because it is supposed to keep morphing, evolving. It’s not a bad thing it’s a fantastic thing…Exciting, check out the 2009 crop circles worldwide they are magnificent and it feels like a message is being shared in the designs regardless of who is making them….it proves to me that we are definitely not alone.


glt said...

I have a new theory that some evil-minded space aliens landed here long ago and the Bonobo chimps raped them...thus us! Har!?

Rae Dawn Chong said...

YOU hmay be on to something GLT.

Rae Dawn Chong said...