Thursday, May 20, 2010


I will probably get in trouble for speaking up about this but I feel compelled to say something about this issue. It deals with collusion and parents allowing because of greed our children to be exposed to things beyond their development and how because of this greed and ambitiousness abuse happens. I feel for someone like Charlotte Lewis because obviously she suffers from some definite unmet needs and for me being someone who has encountered her throughout the last two decades for various reasons. I always felt sorry for her. She was allegedly passed around Hollywood as it happens in Hollywood when a new face arrives and it seemed to me that she was happy about it. That she decided to go public with a charge that seems serious about Polanski is interesting and very revealing for its desperateness for attention and its timing. He is in this instance a sitting duck and no I am not saying he is innocent and I am not defending his behavior at all. I just think it strange that she comes up with this now and what will it give her but 3 minutes of news space. It’s sad really. I know that Polanski is guilty of many things in general, one being talented movie director. So of course children will be presented to him because they (the parents) want something from him a chance for their girl to be a big star. In the era that Charlotte was presenting herself to him, Polanski had famously made Nastasia Kinski a household name she who was also a child when he began his pursuit. Nastasia famously talked about being with him at 16.
I think it a case by case enquiry going after Polanski and sadly it will always be collusion. Each side wants something remember the original victim of Polanski was pimped to him by her own mother. What mother allows a 13 year old time alone with anyone famously sexually adventurous as he was? Turns out quite a few or so it seems in the news. So as a society we are kind of conflicted because we push sexuality in our own children by allowing them to dress like adults and we allow then to watch sexually charged content from almost every aspect of media. Finally the pursuit of fame allow parents to pimp their children in beauty contests and dance offs and on other media outlets like YouTube.

Then we go after the likes of Polanksi socially its schizophrenic. Nothing is right about sex with children, nothing…I don’t care what country you hail from. It isn’t fair or level or correct. Still we have to examine the sexualization and the selling of children in ways that seem innocent but really are not and I want to include the parent’s responsibility. I think mothers should be held accountable and brought up on pandering charges. You think the 13 year old who Polanski molested is responsible for being allowed to be alone with him? Her mom knew where she was going and with whom. It’s sticky and tricky and grey this area. I think someone like Charlotte is guilty, guilty of wanting to be famous at all cost. Her charge will never hold up in any court. Not if her long list of lovers show up and tell their side of the tale, and yes it is quite sorted.
I want justice for the wronged AND I think it's complicated.
I don't think it fair parents are getting away with allowing children freedom and or lack of supervision. Where were the parents in all of this?
He's guilty for sure but so are they.


julia said...

Children are exposed to more things (sex, violence), then in previous times. It becomes so common to see this, that we risk becoming immune to it. The clothing designed for kids, especially young girls, is often too mature for their age group. It is definately something that we should think about.

NC17 said...

exactly, it's always put on the children, but how are they allowed outside in the first place? who gives them money to go to the mall? The Parents.

glt said...

RDC! Me and TB noticed you are gone from our FB pages. What's going on? We both love you!

On yer topic, I can easily blame the western Christian mentality for most of our problems. We condemn Mohammed for marrying a 9 year old, but the Christian god raped a young married virgin! Huh??? WE have old sayings from Bohemia and Hippyland, like, "If She's old enuf to pee, she's old enuf for me!"
and, "If she's old enuf to bleed, she's old enuf to breed." ...controversial???

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I quit FB recently for many reasons mostly to make me get off my butt and create something that I can control and trust and build and benefit from. FB is greedy unsafe and I have grown out of it. For now I am here exclusively and will create a site this is my aim.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

GLT I am not for sex with children regardless of the maturation and functions of the body and those sayings you quote are very disgusting ewwwww!!!

glt said...

OK! you've really been gone from the book for a while I can dig it. Facebook is censorship's American owned and Christian mentality ruled...I kinda wish you'd stick with it and help me challenge all the rules,'s your life and...That "Draw Mohammed Day" that FB sponsered today really makes me sick!!! ...

I'm not sure what age we should choose to make a law against consensual sex...I knew a 13 year old who looked 21 and bonked Lonnie Mack the night before I did...this was circa 1966? Maybe the "Bleed" part is when it really happens with girls, huh? Of course we don't rape babies!!!

Tony Bunn said...

Hey Rae Dawn,

As GLT said, I found recently that you'd vanished from my Facebook friends. Gonna miss you there... In fact, it was my responding to your writings that got me started writing (in a more public forum) :o).

With regard to sexuality (one of my favorite topics) and those who are underage, it's wrong! However, I think the issue has to do more with one's spiritual maturity, than anything else. Unfortunately, we here in western culture are not educated (during our development) sufficiently (and in a loving fashion) about the spiritual requirements, effects and consequences of various modes of sexual engagement. Much of sexual practice (probably worldwide) degenerates to either mere pleasure-seeking or procreative ends. If we (as a race of people) were truly aware of the great potential of properly-directed sexual endeavour and practice, we would be so much more evolved. Here's hoping that one day...

Peace & Strength,
Tony B.

glt said...

You gonna keep writing this blog or is this a goodbye kissoff?

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I will keep writing The Note blog.

Just because I quit FB doesn't mean I quit blogging. I know everyone is mad but I just don't like them at FB anymore I don't trust them. Plus they have sold everything we do there to someone or something else its creepy. Google is bad enough. Yet they offer a bigger piece of the pie whilst FB offers nothing but a platform. I want my own. I want my own site eventually.

glt said...

Good! I'm not mad, would just be sad if you went away altogether.

If there is such a thing as a Paranoid Realist, that might be me.
I just figure the ethernet is wide open like hollering thru a big P A system...everybody can hear you and the bad guys will be bad guys no matter what. Somebody told me one of my FB threads(coffee party) wound up on the Huffington Post site...I tried to find it but only discovered a faint echo. The world of the physical is so big and crazy now that I'm not too worried about being persecuted by this net stuff. Everybody seems to have something bigger than me on there minds! Har! Glad yer still here. Yer still my favorite modern writer.

Misty Fabrizio said...

It is not right to blame the victim. Especially a child. Her parents aren't to blame either. Most people are trusting by nature, they shouldn't be penalized for that. The only one to blame is the one who abused that trust.

Dwacon® said...

Um... where does GLT get that God raped the virgin Mary?

A: There was no sex involved

B: She understood she was being offered to bring the Messiah into the world and was a willing participant.

Please get your facts straight.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Some of us have skewed points of view all of it un-prove-able.