Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am on location in an ancient place, New Orleans. Everything about it is old and historic and yes sad, as well as hopeful. Something about this place spells danger in a good and bad sense. I get that its economic and racial the divide and I sense though that no matter how weird and below sea level things get around here people will always stay because this is home. I get it and I admire the resolve New Orleans is a tough gorgeous tricky spot and I feel blessed to get to spend some time here…Amen!
Now something interesting occurred and I have to share it because it has to do with all of us. The driver Tyrone (a tall drink of water) picked me up and mentioned that he had to pick up another actor earlier from another production. She is a very famous actor and very successful. She was working with another action super star. My film is small with an outstanding excellent cast. So no I am NOT complaining but I sensed he was comparing us. In his defense I could be wrong. Anyway back to the story... I just can't compete. I feel less star like these days since essentially I have been VERY off the beam for (honestly) at least 2 decades. I noticed he and his buddy (drivers roam in packs) were discretely or maybe not so discretely checking me out. He, Tyrone said I was prettier in person (Ha!) and the other driver David said I was nice, very nice (worrisome) now I shop for clothes that work for and are good to work out in and are functional and usually I can lose them or damage them and it will not hurt my bank account. I promise nothing I wear unless it is over 25 years old is label. I can’t afford it and wouldn’t bother it’s never been a good financial way to live spending like Kimora. Plus I don’t have Kimora cash…but I do have a swagger and I am me and that is enough.

I started thinking about the message having all of this label expensive clothes sends to the young impressionable. Maybe even the not so young but still in debt folks. Not many people can afford the Beyonce clothing and I do understand the idea of dreams and seeing out favorites drive around in expensive cars and still I say; really? Is it a good image when the same 330,000 dollars spent on a Bentley could be invested and in ten years be worth a hell of a lot more than a dumbass car? We as a group could step off it a minute and think about being maybe more Asian like,smart and frugal…I know saying Asian may be racist and I don’t want that. I do want my communities (I have a few coursing through my veins) to be smarter financially. I do want to value quality and still be frugal. I do want to encourage buying a company’s stock instead of its gadgets. Ohhh forgive me…for not bringing the bling I think the radiant inner bling is more happening anyway…. Hey!


Dwane T. said...

"I just can't compete. I feel less star like these days since essentially I have been VERY off the beam for (honestly) at least 2 decades."

That is soooooo not true... well, it depends on whose radar. I watch Commando at least three times a year (you were sooooooo cute). Lena Horne hasn't make alot of movies in the last few years, and she is just as much a star to her fans now as ever. Same with you... but anyway...

There are still folks who respect actors for their acting and their use of their celebrity to do things like address world/life issues on their blogs. Bling turns them off. Actually, they find it repulsive. You are still a wonderful, BEAUTIFUL, actress (sorry, I'm old school), and you don't need glam clotheis to help you "compete". You are every bit a star now as two decades ago.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

You are too kind and I will listen to those fabulous words of support. I appreciate your appreciation.