Monday, May 3, 2010


Arizona must be a sad place filled with racist people…only that can’t be true…yet this current climate of law changing anti immigration is awful and ironic since officially we stole this country from the Native American Indians and the Mexican land barons and more…we seem to forget this.
I don’t want the law to take and I hope it is overturned. People forget that many illegals are willing to pick crops and work in sub minimum wage conditions and many businesses count on them to fill the gap. Take away the opportunity and we legal Americans don’t fill the gap. If indeed it were true that young people, unemployed or retired folks would break their backs picking strawberries and other crops picked by the so called illegal’s or as I prefer to call them "the undocumented" workers, then I understand the barrier or need for segregation. Fact is these people don’t want the jobs and millions of tonnes of crops are being wasted. We are allowing food to go bad that could be utilized. It’s hard not to think Arizona has defined itself as the white state since this law has occurred. I bet there are many in Arizona proud to take this stand. I smell serious "out in the open" racism and even more militant racist protestors taking up their cause. It saddens me and makes appreciate the defeat of John Mc Cain. He is front and center and nothing is more heartening then knowing we almost or could have had that and don’t. America has bigger fish to fry and lumping racist policy on top of the huge heap of issues is lame.
I vote we open the borders North and South and make it the Americas total…lets really add some much needed rhythm.
Ole’, Eh!

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glt said...

Har har har! Ole! Didn't see where you were going on this one! Borders suck! Mental, physical or emotional...borders and boundries and fear and prejudice ALL SUCK!