Sunday, May 16, 2010

I want you to be different.

“I think fear of identity loss is at the root of racism. Not wanting to lose whatever we think is ours. So integration on both sides creates loss of identity we then demand separation (false sense) for identity security and therefore we kill to prevent the integration, and the peace...she sees this fear on all faces both black and white and it is interesting and I think a beautiful place to start in understanding the fixed position of needing separation.”
I wrote this because I think it true.
We can overcome the need to be separate if we can embrace a powerful identity that isn’t based on stuff or any outer thing. Including family, job and status, who we are is tricky anyway; most of us have no idea truly what our personal histories are. Unless you have a DNA test and then have it genealogically traced we only can go back so many generations and most of the family lore is fiction unless you were born into a wealthy or famous and well documented family like the Kennedy’s. So my point is we may not be who we think we are. In fact count on this. So why hang on to a myth? Most of the hardliners who demand separation maybe suffers from other mental challenges which as is common here in America undiagnosed. From Paranoia to a host of other maladies such as lack of compassion to a simple lack of intelligence, we suffer from being stupid. I am not saying run out and embrace anyone different from you I am asking to look into our personal lives and see where we prefer what we know. Where we stay in a sort of animated suspension in our social life because we are afraid to venture into the unknown, education, learning more about how others live culturally and trying to embrace and allow them their differences and yes we need to begin this work in preschool.
It’s happening I think in most quarters of the country, still we need to encourage people to not be so tolerant of public figures who promote hate and racism and fear. If there is sin then spreading fear and creating civil unrest because it is easier then tolerance is a great sin. The most sinful, shame on those that are doing this...shame on you.

Because I want you to be different.

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