Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday I allowed myself to be talked into doing something that wasn’t what I wanted to do. For some strange reason I allowed my time to be spent doing something I wasn’t 100% into. I know there was a social factor involved and that factor had to do about me feeling sorry for someone whom I have no business feeling sorry for. In fact after the fact I realized that I was bamboozled by the person and her “story” and that shame on me for being such a weakling and allowing my valuable time to be spent doing something I did not want to do. Plus to add insult to injury it was expensive! That alone just boils my blood. What is wrong with me? I tell you nothing is more annoying than being conned into thinking I am doing a “good” deed by participating in anything other than something I whole heartedly want to do. I felt that if I didn’t attend the event that my presence would make a “void” and that she would feel bad. Guess what she didn’t feel bad would not have missed me and I could have saved money. UGH…I hate when my ego gets involved. I am so deserving of the event and the sting that I chuckle and have to sit down and write about it. People we perceive as weak or sad sacks or what have you are NOT! It’s an illusion. In fact I think a majority of people who have “bad” luck and never are happy or have one crisis after another are hazardous to our health and should be dealt with cautiously because one can get swept up into the vortex of misery if one is not careful and none of us can afford that literally. If someone happens to be a social weirdo, meaning can’t carry on a conversation or what have you, then “too bad” for them. It is not our job or responsibility to fill the social void those of us who can can carry on decent social intercourse to carry folks who are lacking in this way. I tell you I learned a HUGE lesson yesterday. Never feel sorry for anyone ever. I mean anyone. Oh you say what about Haiti? I say what about Haiti? Sure donate and go and serve there if you must see it in person but don’t feel sorry for anyone. Each of us is working it out (life) and we need exactly what we get. It is vibrational. I deserved everything I got yesterday because my motives were skewed. Fool me once… shame on you, fool me twice? You know the rest!

Guard your time self-fully!


Ron Bhatia said...

wow... That really resonates with me on many levels. I have found myself in that situation many times in the past. If I have been duped into squandering my precious time and resources on something that is not in alignment with who I am -- it's my responsibilty to not do that again. It's much more valuable to harness and share my efforts with people and situations that are healthy, honest, and reciprocal. As I get older, I have learned the importance of that. And, again, it's totally my responsibilty. I completely agree in that if I check my motives, ego, and the situation out with an accurate and honest mindset, I am less inclined to get into that situation you described. Thank you for so much for writing this!

glt said...

I think the problem lies with both definitions of the word(lie). It's not like the old days, when one could come outside and still be their self. Now we have to guard our every move. Society has failed us individuals.