Monday, April 12, 2010


Seated alone watching the new “Alice in Wonderland’ which I thought exquisite; I was struck by how important every little thing is. That in each of our lives we have fantastic support from nature and the surrounding environment if we are sensitized to pay attention. In other words caterpillars speak if we listen. I think it tragic that yet again a wondrous movie like “Alice” gets shot down by what I suspect are jealous wanna be film makers. This movie is marvelous, a triumph and if you let yourself be carried by it, it has an excellent message. What is the deal people who didn’t like it? Maybe it’s me…I loved “Nine” Starring Daniel Day Lewis. I think it worked in every way in fact better then the original which I wasn’t drawn to like this. I think again it’s a symptom of "Hollywood no it alls" who have no taste yet they have a lot of ears listening so when this group say no people listen. Sad how many great things slip by? I suppose the internet saves us because we can find the treasures online after they have been shelved.
I don’t want another remake of anything made. I am sick of seeing retreads. I know Nine is a retread but it worked for me because no one saw the original and if they said they did they lie. Lots of that in Hollywood lying but that’s another story.
I forget why we do the dance. I forget the wonder of it all until I watch the likes of Johnny Depp or Helena B Carter. What joy…what fun? Tim Burton is a God.
Emily my 11 year old Goddaughter didn’t care for Alice I think it wasn’t her opinion I think she was mimicking the general bitter consensus. I think if a real 11 year old not one saturated in Hollywood or royalty like my darling. I think a real kid would love it. Oh not to dis my girl she is a real kid only she lives in Hollywood with parents who are film makers and well…we mimic our elders.
Go see Alice in Wonderland let the smoke of mystical fun envelope you.
Be a kid, forever…xo

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