Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unholy alliances

There is a documentary called “Worse than war” that examines the devastation and the causes of genocide. That it can happen again easily and is happening now and yet the powers that can or could stop them don’t. They point out how America and its allies could have halted many incidents of genocide globally but did not. It is apparently a short burst of bombing strategic spots that can undo the core strengths of a few examples of genocide Bosnia being one. We could have saved approximately 8 thousand lives in one example had we moved faster into the region early on for instance. Many more than that died in fact. Why do we allow it to happen? I think it’s a combination of things there is an intrinsic denial mechanism. In any abusive situation the witnesses or closest potential saviors deny it could be happening before being convinced that “yes” it is going on. Then it’s the horror and then the assessment of the personal fallout or danger. Options are weighed…in Darfur the problem is China and oil. We owe China everything financially, our very existence is in the balance with Communist China so if they need to massacre millions of Darfurians for oil then let them. We need to keep the red giant happy. I think that is the thinking according to the powers that be in Washington. So much is wrong with that thinking. I get nervous for everyone on planet Earth because it seems to me that oil has over stayed its usefulness as far as being an efficient energy source and now we are paying the debt with whacked out weather and it seems to be ramping up and getting worse. Not to mention the lack of balance to our microbiology and the new strains of things that is so small and lethal. The meek shall inherit the Earth. I think that means the micro sized lethal strains of badass bacteria immune to everything we have throw at them. They will get us first. Balance being the operative word. We are way, way out of balance and genocide and our tolerance of it shows how far gone some of us are. The collective…I find it interesting that the very people fighting Obama in Washington (teabaggers) are the same people who are undereducated about our unholy alliance with BIG OIL and Communist backed credit. We must go after reforming corporate taxation and taxes in general as we attack campaign financing and immigration to name a few issues.
If we continue to live on credit and depend on oil things will degenerate faster than they are already. Oh man, I am being so negative today, I guess watching how we have allowed and continue to allow genocide to occur shows me that we have weird values as a species.
I do have faith in the babies coming up who are trying to shift their value system to earth based studies and sustainability and community based programs, programs whose focus is in supporting a healthy emotional-spiritual-human potential connection evolution, where we focus on improving experience not with more “stuff” but better enjoyment of less stuff and more appreciation of each other and life and the natural world.
I woke up sad and cranky and having shared these thoughts I feel less sad…hopeful.


glt said...

I think you are falling into the same pit as the vipers. Biting you own tail as if it was someone else's. Swallowing yourself whole while thinking you are separate from reality is the whole fault of humanity. People ARE NOT divided, life is very whole and united. There are no boundries or fences when we can bounce off the moon and back again. It's been clear as hell that we all need to stop and breathe and hug and squeeze the friggin' life back into our hearts and souls and lungs! Dump the dams and kick the walls down, charge and infiltrate all battlezones with loving tongues, hearts and toenails. If we can't be flesh and bones in love, what's next? Huh! This needs to be discussed at length with many of on FB!!! It's our two year anniversary thereabouts when Obama was taking over Hilary. We seem so let down ever since he won...why?

Da Weaz said...

Rae, if they've got you thinking that the US bombing people is going to bring about greater peace and prosperity, then that documentary was one effective piece of military propaganda.

No thanks.

glt said...

Rd states herself well...1000 points per paragraph...relax and absorb the fragrance...Love will absorb and nullify hate and misunderstanding.