Monday, April 5, 2010

Earth quakes and other inner happenings...

I am slow and it may be a blessing. I will miss social clues and or an attack or even aggressive feelings both good and bad. I miss stuff and yet later I will take stock and wonder why i feel off balance. So it goes that I was under attack and didn't know it and guess what I didn't die. I do feel fragile (I am not) and shaky but I can still find it in my soul to send out love toward everyone and that's key. Now I need my own love the most. I need the forgiveness and understanding for being slow and not immediately "catching on". In fact I am just lucky I miss stuff. I think it spares me. Right now my knees are sore from being reduced to them. I am wobbly and feeling a bit bruised and burned psychically but I will prevail and I will be smarter and sweeter for it.

Ultimately being undefended is the goal the bigger picture.

Because when I am undefended I am open to LOVE.

Finally if you go to look for an example of the work called : Prejudice. It's me working with Kate. I think it's revealing.



NC17 said...

that was beautiful :)

glt said...

I feel you. One must be fully aware of their own thoughts and sensations to be truly alive...and in doing so we miss the thoughts and sensations of others who would snipe us. Love, glt.